PS Vita White Exists, When Will It Be Released?

PS Vita Universe spotted a White PlayStation Vita in a presentation video: "Sony are already working on releasing (if it’s not done already) a White PS Vita as well," they write.

"For now, the manufacturers did not mention anything about Vita’s colors so it would be awesomely nice of them to have a surprise for us and release the white version of the PlayStation Vita too."

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Kran2483d ago

Hmmm.... white PS Vita.... or Black PS Vita....?

Honestly, I'm torn down the middle. I think id go with black though. Feels more original.

miyamoto2482d ago

Black is a very good one but I am sure the PS Vita like the PSP will come with a huge spectrum of colors along the way.

Midnight Blue will be fantastic!

jujubee882483d ago

More SKU's with black and white by 2012 in US/EU. Anyone can purchase either the Wi-fi version in black or white or the 3G&wi-fi version in black or white.

That is a way more responsible way of launching products because people will want to have variety in a device like the PS Vita to make such choices.

sloth33952482d ago

the black looks cleaner

BlackSharinganX2482d ago

yeah i think its a bad idea they had a chance to kick it off with 3ds and HOLIDAY SEASON. Maybe they did it cause of the many games that are coming but i find it more reasonable fortwisted metal on doing that not a portable console. THEY BETTER ADVERTISE THE SHIT OUT OF IT YET CAUSE IT AINT GOING TO SELL WITH RUMORS ALONE SONY LOL.

BlackSharinganX2482d ago

people who have tv how many commercials of vita have you seen, im still yet to see one. sony just gave away their chance on kicking nintendo in the balls with their product including in the holiday season in the way as well. now probable 3ds will get kick ass games that appeal to more people see more advertisements of it. Come on its logic dont this guys see what 3ds s bringing in the future? if they dont bring their A game they just going to get fucked up.

As for twisted metal there re these game R3 GOW3 dark souls BF3 MW3( yeahhh but being realistic),U3 assasins creed, batman, SKYRIM. Thats a lot of competition.

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