Comic-con 2011 Panel: SCEA - Twisted Metal

David Jaffe reveals the newest Twisted trailer, shows off a near-final cut of the game's opening live-action cinematic, and drives the audience through the single-player campaign

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potedude2481d ago

Intro movie was a bit creepy but the gameplay looks sick! Just like I remember it from ages ago. I used to spend hours playing this game with my mates...

DrRichtofen2481d ago

I can't believe I watched all 50 minutes of this video......BUT IT WAS WORTH IT this game has just gone from some-what on my radar to number one Wow this is looking good that stadium and newyork level were freakin awesome!!

Bleach2481d ago

This is under so many peoples radar and i feel sorry for those people who won't buy this game based on their opinion of last years E3 footage.

This game is going to be AWESOME!!!!
Ill be playing this for years!!!