Why Do Video Game Movies Fail?

Looking at why video game movies do terribly, the best performing video game movies, and the money they make. Comparing video game success to movies. Black Ops vs. Avatar?

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potedude2542d ago

But Mortal Kombat wasn't too bad I thought. Silent Hill was cool too.

If they make a Bioshock or Mass Effect movie I would still see it even if the reviewers gave it zero stars. Mass Effect is crying our for a movie, there is so much scope to expand on. It could be like the Star Wars - Clone Wars types, they are great too...

Onus2542d ago

I totally agree. I am hoping that Mass Effect can quell the failing history of video game movies.

Tuxedo_Mask2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

Video game movies are likely doomed to fail because while a movie is an experience that is shared with a group a video game is, more often than not, a personal experience. While you sit and watch a film and have no control over the pace or choices within it, in a video game you can speed through some parts and choose where the character goes or what he says in some cases. The transition from that to film is impossible because while video games are about giving the player choices, Hollywood is all about controlling things.

Pozzle2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

Sadly, Hollywood just doesn't take video games seriously. They think they can 'fix the stories, or create their own characters (*cough*Alice from Resident Evil*cough*), or just ignore the source material alltogether.

Then there's the fact that Hollywood are more focused on targeting the 'mainstream' audience, instead of the gaming audience. So they will dumb down their movies, or add pointless sex appeal, or use big-name actors who might not necessarily fit with that role...all so that the movie will draw in a big crowd.

And by the end of all that, the movie no longer resembles the game its based off. So fans are left thinking "wtf is this?" and the mainstream audience is thinking "wow, is this what the games are like? They must suck!" :(