What Capcom Should Do with Street Fighter IV - Advice From an Expert

Okay, so Capcom decided that they were planning to release "Street Fighter IV." But what's next?

What would make "Street Fighter IV" a unique experience? "Street Fighter II" introduced "loser plays." It gave you eight unique characters – a number that has since grown – and there was one character that you were bound to relate to. "Street Fighter Alpha" introduced air blocks, chain combos, super combos to the series. "Street Fighter III" brought us, well, parrying.

How can they win over this new generation of gamers ten years later? This generation is used to online play, customization/personalization of gameplay and a more in-depth experience. The franchise has a solid fanbase, but that fanbase has evolved over the last 10 years.

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Itachi4055d ago

more stages more characters and amazing graphics

KidMakeshift4055d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

Allow the player to create their own fighter
Allow player to accessorize the fighters to their own taste (ex. Virtual Fighter 5)
If possible, incorporate all previous Street Fighter characters into SF4
Bring back the cheesy mini-games, and a next-gen version of Street Fighter: Pocket Fighter
Include online and offline multiplayer as well as a tag team mode, arcade mode, story mode that has CG endings (ex. Tekken, DOA)
Custom soundtrack option
I'd like to see Capcom add a Street Fighter sidescroller (ex. Final Fight) like Guilty Gear did with Judgment
The game should come bundled with a arcade controller like Time Crisis guncon bundles
Offer a Street Fighter accessory package for Little Big Planet

Skerj4054d ago

Bubbles + for you, all of those are awesome ideas. Here's to beat up the car 4.0!! I'm laughing at the thought of a Gill or Blanka Sackboy in LBP, I had intended on trying to make Grey Fox or something.

mighty_douche4055d ago

not f*ck it up!

sounds simple, but in practice.....

riksweeney4055d ago

Sound advice:

1. Keep it in 2D
2. That's it

Witty Comment4055d ago

they should keep it 2D and use graphics much like that snazzy Naruto game has.

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The story is too old to be commented.