Why Nintendo Could Pull a Sega and go Software Only

Gaming Irresponsibly's Halfazedninja writes:
Old Man Alert Incoming:

Any of you youngsters out there remember when Sega made actual video game consoles? No? Well let me spin you a yarn about a time of days gone by...

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Rushing_Punch2536d ago

I'm more in favor of them becoming a portable exclusive dev

handheldwars22536d ago

Lol, if anyone's going to leave it'll be Sony. Nintendo have made SO MUCH more money than SCEA this generation.... 6 months of losses and people are writing this BS? Lol.

CrazyForGames2536d ago

this isn't really new though nintendo goin 3rd party articles have been happening since the GC

stonecold32536d ago

not really sony has more 1st and 2 nd party then nintendo and microsoft combined if anything it more likely be micosoft that will go software

handheldwars22536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

stfu sony fanboy "stonecold3" Nintendo has the most and best first parties. Everyone knows that. Sony first parties are hardly even popular...


its actually still one of the best consoles ever made

nintendo had an amazing run with the wii...saying that i havnt bought a nintendo product since gamecube and cant see me buying the wii u either, to me nintendo gained a lot of new fans but lost many core gamers who grew up with them

Cmpunk2536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

why would sony loose ' they dont loose money in the gaming division it's the tv division idiot. plus im pretty sure sony is worth alot alot alot more then nintendo

plus ps3 will eventually win this gen so gtfo retard

if it was my choice i would choose microsoft seriously GTFO! no one wants you here

kneon2536d ago


That makes no sense at all, since Microsoft has hardly any studios they are they least likely to go software only.

But I can see Nintendo going software only for consoles, I don't see them ditching handhelds anytime soon. Their hardware has seldom been anything special, but people want to play their games.

Clarence2536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

No you have it wrong it anyone would leave it would be M$. The 360 has the highest failure rate on any gaming console to date. Sony has made more money with their consoles than M$.

You talk this generation, im talking this lifetime.

PS1, PS2 which is still selling along with Sony's handhelds. The PS3 continues to outsell the 360 worldwide.

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AWBrawler2536d ago

yeah ain't it a bit too late for PS3 to win this gen eventually. heck WiiU and even their own PS4 will put the final nail in it's coffin well before it sales another 30+ million!

Tell me sony fans are not that delusional.

AWBrawler2536d ago

I stand corrected. They really are......

EYEamNUMBER12536d ago

sega didn't release 1 flop and called it quits
they were releasing failure after failure after failure losing millions upon millions upon millions annually
that is why sega went software only

i currently don't see nintendo in the same boat that sega was back in the day
so the notion of them going software only is a long ways off

agentxk2536d ago

Nintendo's last few generations of consoles were generally flops if I recall that IGN article recently.

Nintendo has done a lot of damage to their image, in this economy you can't always afford that many mistakes

Shok2536d ago

Their latest console wasn't a flop though, it was a huge success. The N64 was still a successful console as well despite being beaten by the PS1. It still got a good amount of market share and had some of the greatest games of all time.

Only the GC at this point can be considered a flop. People might call the 3DS a flop now but it will take off when Mario Kart and Mario 3DS come out, we all know that's true. Not to mention the $80 price but.

EYEamNUMBER12536d ago

but even with the N64 and GC their 2 flops of home consoles they still managed to turn profits on the hardware alone not including games
this gen they made a killing with the wii/ds
its not like it was with sega

gamegear was a big flop
sega cd was a big flop
32x was a big flop
saturn was a big flop
dreamcast was a big flop

with sega it was mistake after mistake and poor sales not only hardware wise but game wise as well their sales were poor

when nintendo starts releasing flop after flop of consoles then the possibility of them becoming 3rd party is very likely
so maybe 2 gens from now they can or can't depending how things go in the future

Knushwood Butt2536d ago

3DS just doesn't have the appeal to the casual market.

Casuals that own a DS really have no need for a 3DS. They are happy with what they have, and there is a good supply of shovelware available to keep them contented.

Saladfax2536d ago


The big-name titles are too little, too late, and the price cut is actually a really bad thing for them.

Such an early price-cut in the electronic device market is terrifying for investors and confusing to consumers: what's wrong with the product? Why was it so over priced? Is it worth the cost now? As much as Nintendo will be scrambling to put a positive spin on it, the simple confusion factor will leave many people just disregarding the possibility.

This isn't just an opinion, either. You may not like to hear it, but the company is not doing well right now. Their stock took a huge hit (21%!) just before they announced the price drop and fell even further afterwards. By himself, the former president and what would appear to be highest shareholder Hiroshi Yamauchi lost upwards of 500 million.

Dreassic2536d ago

With multibillions at back and call, I doubt they are even cose to be in any sort of problems.
Sony has been losing much much more last 10 years or so on their gming division.
If only Nintendos homeconsoles would do GC levels, they could easily endure that 10 generations or more, because they still have their handheld divisions. Not to forget, even the GC made them profit overall.

N4g_null2535d ago

I'm just wondering? You guys remember the first ds right? It took like a year and a half for sales to pick up and then the games came flooding in. Lots actually thought the psp was going to keep crushing nintendo.

The casuals and the hardcore games are not really there yet plus the 3ds is going up against the ds. Expect this to last almost 2 years. Nintendos flaw was this system did not do any thing for current ds owners in the minds of ds owners.

What is funny is if you traded in your ds you already got a $70-80 credit anyway lol.

The doom and gloom isn't needed though when 2d Mario doesn't sell then they will be in trouble.

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qface642536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

SEGA became INSANELY lazy sometimes terrible developers when they became 3rd party

when they had their own console they HAD to try now they don't do much at all

how many GOOD games has SEGA THEMSELVES made this gen?
all anyone will say is valkrya chronicles because everything else with the SEGA logo someone else makes

raiden-492536d ago

Good point most of the stuff has been remakes and rehash because they have been working on a lot of spin offs.

k-dillinger2536d ago

Without ninty Sony will be a world wide powerhouse but I rather see Microsoft leave they contribute little and they won't be missed.

CrazyForGames2536d ago

so how you enjoying that good online network microsoft gave you?

Muletroid2536d ago

why the disagrees?
microsoft and XBOX LIVE anyone?
id say that is a major contribution its more than anything sony has contributed this gen

C0MPUT3R2536d ago

For it to happen the 3DS will have to continue to struggle.
-->Then Wii U flops
--> Then New Handheld flops.
Then Nintendo at that point would have no choice, but I don't see it happening.

GoldPS32536d ago

It could happen if Wii U flops but I doubt it because Nintendo don't spend as much as Sony and MS does. That's why Nintendo have survived for so long. Their consoles are cheap to make bringing in more profit and of course they make good games.

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