Battlefield 3 Not on Steam so EA Can Offer ‘Best Possible Experience’

Ironhammers writes: If you’re a PC gamer and have the slightest bit of interest in Battlefield 3, you’ve probably heard about the ongoing debates and rumours over why it’s not available to pre-order on Steam. If not, you’ve likely at least noticed that it’s not in the Steam store. Well, EA have made several little comments about the reasons behind this, but now the Battlefield 3 Community Manager, Seeson Mahathavorn, has said it’s so that EA can ‘provide players with the best possible experience’.

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Pandamobile2423d ago (Edited 2423d ago )

Well I guess that's that. Oh well.

I wonder if this will have any impact on Valve's policies.

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MAJ0R2423d ago

Valve's policies aren't that strict, anyway I'm not buying the game now

Pandamobile2423d ago (Edited 2423d ago )

You guys are acting like you can ONLY buy it from Origin.

There's dozens of places where you can buy it that aren't Origin. The amount of melodrama on N4G about this is insane.

Did all of you skip Starcraft 2 because it wasn't on Steam?

MAJ0R2423d ago

the point is that there not putting it on steam because they want their Origin to be a success when we all know it will have the same fate as GFWL

they also don't wana give people options, doesn't mean I won't play the game though :)

vickers5002423d ago

I'm not buying it either. Unless it comes to steam. There are PLENTY of games I am looking forward to, and I am excited about all of them equally as much as battlefield, meaning BF3 can wait unless those greedy f*cks at EA learn their lesson about not trying to take down the most widely loved digital distribution service of all time and trying to replace it with their bullsh*t trashy "we delete the stuff you paid for after 2 years of not playing it, even though you paid full price for it" origin bs.

I like all my games centralized into one place when it comes to PC gaming, and I'm not switching over to something else just because EA are greedy little morons.

Pandamobile2423d ago (Edited 2423d ago )

Believe what you want. Valve's the one that removed Crysis 2 and DA2 from Steam, not EA.

BF3 not being on Steam is a joint effort from Valve and EA. If EA really want Origin to succeed that badly, they could have completely barred other distributors from selling BF3. If that were the case, then yeah, I'd suspect EA of being underhanded like Activision-Blizzard and forcing users into only buying digital goods from them; but BF3 being on D2D, Impulse and every other major digital retailer shows that that really isn't the case.

I've played the BF3 alpha. I've seen how deep it's integration is with the Battlelog service. I can completely understand why it wouldn't work well if that was trying to run under Steam.

You guys are really being stupid about this whole situation.

I'm probably the biggest Valve/Steam fanboy on this website, but a game not being on it is not going to impact my desire to purchase it, and it shouldn't impact yours either unless you're completely OCD and can't handle buying games from places other than Steam.

radphil2422d ago (Edited 2422d ago )


What the hell happened to "voting with your wallet" on this site?

It's now turned to "people being stupid".

Some people like to go DD, but not get strongarmed into their choices.

For me I'm getting my game through physical retail, but still, calling people stupid just because they choose not to get strongarmed into their choices is kinda fickle.

evrfighter2422d ago

just get it retail man.

EA wants to see some bloated sales numbers on Origin. But don't be a statistic for their DD sales meeting. Just go retail. who cares if you have to install Origin. Point is you have the physical copy in case they delete your game and you they gotta split up the sale between all the middlemen by going retail.

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GSpartan7772423d ago (Edited 2423d ago )

I have given you a bubble for practically every single one of your comments because you are the only person here actually making sense in what you say and not following a mindless hivemind.

Key thing of what you have said "If EA really want Origin to succeed that badly, they could have completely barred other distributors from selling BF3."

This is quite true now that I think of it. I myself thought they were trying to push Origin but now that I look at it, it really makes no sense for them to have it on other DDs. There has to be something regarding Steam that we either don't know or choose not to believe for EA not releasing it on Steam. Because at the end of the day, sales are what matter right? The more digital distributions the better. And there are some EA games still on Steam except for the last few games that were removed.

Lazy_Sunday2422d ago

This will have ZERO impact on Steam's policies. Just hopefully I'll have two places to get better deals instead of one.

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TheDarkness2423d ago

LoL "Best possible experience" My ass

ironhammers2423d ago

My sentiments entirely...

joab7772423d ago

Its their biggest money draw ever and as such the biggest draw to origin. Its how they stake their claim. Its also one of the biggest reason so many console gamers chose consoles, everything is in one place, friends, trophies/achievements etc. Someday, hopefully consoles will swallow the PC whole and offer their own services and we can b done w this. Actually, i think if Microsoft or Sony signed a deal w valve to run steam on their next Gen console, it would b a step in the right direction. Well, hopefully it doesn't backfire on ea. There is alot riding on battlefield 3. Next year we will get west and zampellas new IP on origin only, i assume. We have Microsoft v Sony, origin v steam and activision v ea. Lets see how everything aligns.

bumnut2423d ago

It would be more accurate if they changed the word 'experience' for 'profit'

Kamikaze1352423d ago

They want to offer the best possible experience on a program that's clearly under beta rather than on a program that's been out for years and has millions of registered users? This just proves how stupid EA is.

Pandamobile2423d ago (Edited 2423d ago )

The game has no interaction with Origin unless you buy it through Origin. Origin won't even need to be running to launch Battlefield 3 when it comes out.

Everything is done through Battlelog and Battlelog != Origin.

Kamikaze1352423d ago (Edited 2423d ago )

Well if that's true, that only makes EAs seem even dumber. Why sell it through Origin and not Steam when you need an entirely different service to even use it? Mass Effect 2 is available through Steam, yet the DLC is purchased elsewhere and nobody complained.

Also, Battlefield 3 is available on D2D...EA is just full of it, lol.

Pandamobile2423d ago

Mass Effect 2 was on Steam before Valve changed their policy.

Crysis 2 and Dragon Age 2 came out around the time when Valve changed it, thus, Valve removed it.

What it sounds like to me is that EA was doing things their own way, without regard to Steam's policies and after they've nailed out all of their online features and plans they sort of realize that this doesn't fit in with Valve's policy of not letting the developers supersede Steam's system by going over its head with the patching system and in-game DLC purchasing.

I really doubt EA is purposely keeping Battlefield 3 from Steam. They've had a good relationship with Valve in the past, and good sales results with their games on Steam.

It's not like they're keeping it from every digital store except for Origin. You can still buy it from Impulse, D2D, Gamersgate, etc.

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