Can Quantic Dream Top Heavy Rain?

Heavy Rain was a masterpiece, but can the talented team at Quantic Dream top themselves? It's definitely possible!

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Venox20082540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

fahrenheit (indigo prophecy) topped it already..but sure they can in a future

THC CELL2540d ago

What? You need to play them both again

Venox20082540d ago

I played, mate, I played... Heavy rain only had better graphics, but story and other stuff was better in Fahrenheit for me..

lazertroy2540d ago

Heavy Rain was much better. Indigo prophecy was amazing though.

Tired2540d ago

Fahrenheit was the first game I ever played since the zx spectrum days. I completed it...not only that I completed it twice more...each game gave a different experience. I'm sad to say I excpected that from every other modern game...they never delivered. Not that I didn't enjoy myself...just was left wanting more.

I don't see why all other games cant implement a more diverse alternate 2nd or 3rd playthrough. We have the tech...lets use it!

I have big hopes for the next quantum outing.

SquareEnixFan2540d ago

It won't be easy to top such a magnificent game but I'm confident they will.

tarbis2540d ago

I'm sure they can. They got the right formula now and majority of fan feedback were positive. Just please no more press X for Jason. X_X

MysticStrummer2540d ago

Yes. They just need to put a little more thought into how the various parts of the story work together so they can avoid all the plot holes of Heavy Rain. It has to be tough to come up with a story that has that many possible endings and not have plot holes, but I feel like they can do a better job at it than they did. Maybe it would be easier if the game had only one playable character. Still love the game though.

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