Which would you rather lose, a $60 videogame or a save file?

Newsweek's N'Gai Croal writes:

"Returning to the question that we posed earlier -- which is more valuable to you: A $60 console game, or the save file associated with that title after you've made it halfway through the game? -- we're guessing that most of you would immediately choose the game over the save file. After all, the game has a clearly defined value -- if you lose it, you'll have to spend $60 to replace it -- while the save file simply represents the amount of time you've sunk into playing the game and the frustration of replaying it in order to catch up to where you left off. But is that the best way to look at this? As the cliché saying goes: time is money. So let's try to figure out the real value of your saved file in order to prod all of us to start rethinking our cavalier attitudes towards backing up our save files."

"Our back of the envelope calculations clearly demonstrate that in all but one of the categories, the save file is more valuable than the game itself, and ought to be backed up regularly in recognition of that value. And that's without even attempting to figure out the worth of any intangibles: the frustration of having to replay familiar levels and challenges just to get back to the halfway mark; the attachment that you may have built up to the character; any customization and personalization you did the first time through; the loss of unlocks, user-generated content and other valuable elements. So as those intangibles become even more valuable to us gamers, it represents a financial opportunity for Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony to create an online digital locker where our saved files and associated data can be synced on a regular basis, much like the Bungie Pro service for Halo 3."

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hersh4054d ago

A save file especially 90% complete

PlayStation3604054d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

and definitely if it's a really hard or long game.

MK_Red4054d ago

Actually, I choose the save file in most cases. Seriously, there are games that I play and get to somewhere after months and their saves are worth more than hundreds of dollars to me.

Charlie26884054d ago

Depends of the game, usually in RPGs you DON'T want to loose ALL the stuff you spend countless hours collecting yes to the point in preferring to pay another 60 bucks than to having the do it all over again. example: yes I prefer to pay another 50 bucks for Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne than spent another 120 hours collecting and evolving every single monster and don't even get me started about having to go thru that maze again

In other games such as FPS is not that important unless it has unlockable content related to it. Example: I don't mind having to use another 6 hours beating Gears, or 8 hours in R6V but I find it hard to pay another 60 bucks for it unless I was REALLY into the multiplayer part

vilmer4054d ago

Save file, without a doubt.

Double-Edged4054d ago

I broke my PS1 when my gran turismo saves were deleted.

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