Man vs. Machine: We Talk Forza 4 & Top Gear With Turn 10 & Take a Hot Lap With The Stig

X360A writes: There are a couple of things you might not realise about the Top Gear test track: one, it's rather large; and two, it's a figure of eight. Having seen numerous hot laps from The Stig in the world's greatest supercars and laps from various celebrities in the 'Reasonably Priced Car,' these two facts never dawned on me. It was only when we were stood at the side of this behemoth of a track in the middle of nowhere last week that all this became apparent.

So why were we stood inside the confines of this heavily fortified settlement where no-one can hear you scream… except maybe the guy next to you? Simple, we were on hand to check out the new Top Gear test track in Forza 4 as well as getting a hot lap with The Stig himself… or herself… or itself… we just don't know!

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Pyscho_Mantis2513d ago

I swear that guy presenting used to work for gamespot or something. Anyway back on topic id anyone see that hot girl in the background in those skanky red panties....bitchin she was.

About the video I love how Turn 10 act like Top Gear was a sudden idea they themselves though up of when it is clear they took the idea from GT5. No turn 10 it was not your innovation it was PD's however I have to admit that they have integrated the license better.

B00M2513d ago

True, GT5 did come up with the idea. But by the looks of it Forza 4 will integrate it much better. I mean in GT5 you couldn't even drive the reasonably priced car around the track to beat the celebrities times. GT5 missed a lot of potential for the Top Gear thing. Still though GT5 is awesome.

FordGTGuy2513d ago

Whether you want to open your eyes or not Turn 10 is doing a much better job using the Top Gear license than Polyphony did. I haven't seen any video or interview where they have claimed to be the first racing game with Top Gear content.

StanLee2512d ago

PD didn't do much with the Top Gear license, short of having the Top Gear test track. Not to say that I think car bowling or car football is any better but Jeremy Clarkson's narration in autovista sure goes a long way to combining car culture into a racing sim.