Nintendo are adding two more free games for current 3DS owners! (Confirmed)

After announcing that Nintendo 3DS owners will get 20 games, now an addition of two more games have been revealed!

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Rushing_Punch2482d ago

Yawn... oh wait two more!!!

Nope, still not interested.

Should have offered these "ambassadors" (see: schmucks) eshop credit

handheldwars22482d ago

Its a really great deal imo.

Micro_Sony2481d ago

Screw all those games and just give me a solid date for Professor Layton And The Last Spectre and Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance.

I need these game ASAP.

Optical_Matrix2482d ago

Which you would have spent on those games anyway? lol It's not like they're giving out crap titles. Do you even own a 3DS?

Rushing_Punch2482d ago

I do, I am just not drinking the koolaid on this one

Shnazzyone2481d ago


I'd like to see the scenario where Sony or microsoft gave it's users 100's of hours of gameplay for free after a price drop. Metroid fusion alone has more game hours possible then every major FPS single player campaign released this year.

Only someone with no taste in games whatsoever would snub Mario advance SMB3 being given to them for free.

Yi-Long2481d ago

... with the original Xbox.

When it dropped in price shortly after it's launch, they offered 2 free games and an extra controller.

Optical_Matrix2481d ago

2 games 20 less than 22 games. Just saying lol

AWBrawler2481d ago

lol those Xbox games were a crappy movie game and i don't even remember the other. freakin' star wars lol

Can we just admit it's a good deal for those of us who got it early. I never played Amazing mirror or SMB Advance

StbI9902481d ago

Nintendo fanboys on the rise.

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RyuCloudStrife2481d ago

you best drink the koolaid it tastes good

Shnazzyone2481d ago

Someone didn't do their research these being included is not new news and it doesn't get tacked onto the number making it 22. Misinformed site is misinformed... still Mario advance 3 and kirby and the amazing mirror are fantastic titles that prove the 10 free gba titles alone make up for the 80 dollars extra i spent to get my 3ds.

Marceles2481d ago

Yeah I think these are two of the 20 games to chose from when the free games program kicks in, but they all aren't free. You can pick 20 crap games on the EShop, and if you don't pick these two than you don't get it for free. You get 20 free games and that's it, the game titles aren't specific.

Shnazzyone2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

Actually weather you get to choose or not isn't defined. NES i would not be surprised if we get a choice. GBA though has the sidenote in the press release, "these titles will be made exclusively available to Nintendo Abassadors" which probably means we get a nice 10 game package.

However neither of us know for sure. (seemingly you more then me)

However nintendo HAS released press releases SPECIFIC to what games will be offered. Yoshi's island, Mario Kart: Super circit, Mario Vs Donkey kong, Metroid: Fusion, Wariowarez inc. If you had a 3ds you have those 5 titles in the ambassador program notification as game you WILL be offered. If somehow you get nothing but crap games as you claim it's because you are stupid.

AWBrawler2481d ago

plus all 3DS owners get 4 swords adventure free in september, if I remember E3 correctly.

radphil2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

"still Mario advance 3 and kirby and the amazing mirror are fantastic titles that prove the 10 free gba titles alone make up for the 80 dollars extra i spent to get my 3ds."

You can Ebay/Craigslist all those games them lower than $80.
And yes, I did do that research. Also where in the world did you get warioware inc for $98? Brand new is $40.

Shnazzyone2481d ago

Amount we payed extra $80

Cost of 10 NES titles on wiiware, $50-$60

Cost of just the 7 announced GBA titles if you wanted to buy them (btw 2 are rare i'm using used prices because wariowares inc new goes for 98 bucks :O) $88

We are getting an incredible deal here.

Solidus187-SCMilk2481d ago

I dont have a 3ds but I think its a great deal too. At least they are giving a great offer to the people who paid 250 instead of nothing.

Those are some great games and I think I read that some of them wont be available for everyone, just people who get this deal.

Lionalliance2481d ago

They're getting desperate.

Shnazzyone2481d ago

They are being nice actually. Sony and Microsoft would never nor has ever done anything this nice for their fans after a price drop. It's not desperation, it's respect for your fanbase.

Lionalliance2481d ago

uh...price drop cause of the low sales of the 3DS, where have ya been?

Solidus187-SCMilk2481d ago

haha your comment sounds desperate.

Lionalliance2481d ago

What's so bad of telling the truth?

OllieBoy2481d ago

They're just rom dumps.

Seems like a good deal considering the way Nintendo will overprice these.

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