Flagship Responds to Subscription Issues and Other Concerns

The big issue on billing problems that Hellgate: IncGamers reported on yesterday is now dealt with according to Flagship Studios. Kaiser Hwang, Senior Community Manager of Flagship Studios says: "After burning several drums of midnight oil, we have resolved all current billing issues with our payment processing partners."

They also explain more about the problem, and that only 3% of the subscribers were exposed by this problem. Shortly after, Kaiser also posted a list of current Flagship/Ping0 priorities.

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Leord4052d ago

I do really hope that they have learned a LOT from this experience, that they have gotten enough cash to be able to publish their next game (or HGL expansion) "full version", and not a "late beta". I mean, I can understand that they are preassured from the outside, and I can deal with getting stuck between two pebbles in a big yard in ruined London, but ffs, now you've done it, no need to do it again.

Twizzlada_Shogun4052d ago

I know you get stuck frequently in hellgate. the only thing you can really do is exit the game and come back in if you don't know about /stuck

for anybody that doesn't, when you get stuck, just type /stuck and it will move you somewhere else.

Jdoki4052d ago

I hope they get the bugs fixed quickly. The locking up issue is so frequent that I've stopped playing the game. Feels like a real waste of money, which is a annoying as the game is good fun.

It's a shame developers get pressure put on them and have to release glorified beta software.