The Best of Metroid

As diehard Metroid fans no doubt already know, a huge milestone has arrived for our favorite bounty hunter. Continuing this year's theme of big franchise anniversaries (Mario, Zelda, Dragon Quest, Donkey Kong, and so on), August 6 marks a big day for Samus Aran's action adventure series -- the 25th anniversary of the original Metroid for NES.

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Venox20082542d ago

actually i loved all metroids, except hunters... and i didn't finish metroid 2: return of samus..because it didn't have a map and you can be lost fast, i hope that ninty will remake it, or that guy on pc

fossilfern2542d ago

Same I wasn't into Hunters all that much, it was good but it just didnt feel right. And I seem to be in the minority when I say I prefer Metroid Prime 2 over 3. I just thought 3 was slightly watered down. But all are fantastic games I'm actually playing through Super Metroid as we speak :D

Venox20082542d ago

I didn't finish Metroid prime 2, but it's not my fault, just saves got corrupted, so I'll have to play it again, third time :/ first time I didn't finish it because I had to sold a gamecube :/ now I have trilogy... I'll get through it someday...

metroid other M was awesome too, no matter what people say! :)

Rrobba2542d ago

Super Metroid, Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 3 are my favourites.

Neo Nugget2542d ago

The nostalgia butterflies visited me while reading this ^_^

NukaCola2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

I would really like to see 3D Dot Game Heroes 2 tackle this series. It would be pretty stellar. And a great tribute.

My top #3 are:

Metroid Prime
Super Metroid
Metroid Fusion

Chrono2541d ago

All are good except Hunters.