Video: Portal beaten in under 20 minutes

A man by the name of "Groobotube" is about to simultaneously blow your mind, give you a migraine, and impregnate you with his unbelievable speedrun of Portal. He ends up finishing the game in an unparalleled 18:05, which is far better than what 99.9% of us could ever dream of accomplishing.

In all honesty, it's pretty difficult to make out exactly what's going on in this speedrun, especially during the later levels -- but it sure does look cool. It even had Destructiod yelling "oh hell naw" in disbelief on more than one occasion.

If you've been yearning to pick up on some of the more advanced meneuvers, you won't want to miss the second half of the run, which can be viewed after the break.

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Loopy3721d ago

After Half Life speed run,, comes Portal speed run....

Bonsai12143721d ago

omg, that last part with the boss was AMAZING.

snoop_dizzle3721d ago

i didn't watch the whole thing becasue i didn't want the end ruined. I still have to pick up the orange box up. I just need more money!

but from what i saw, this guy is insane.

miked8083721d ago

Compared to my pathetic time of 3 days to beat this guy is insane.

JustCallMeDaddy3721d ago

it took my under two hours to beat the game the same day i got it.

Ri0tSquad3721d ago

the newest speed run I have seen in a very long time. Good to see this since no one really does them anymore....

snoop_dizzle3721d ago

i never got people who rush through games, as fast as they can then never play it again.

However for this guy to do this good, he must've played it a lot more than once.

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The story is too old to be commented.