Attention PC gamers: SWTOR Beta Invitations Are Being Sent; Beta is LIVE

DSOGaming writes: "Okay, we know that some of you will hate us for the following screenshot but before you do, make sure to check your inboxes. Why you ask? Because Star Wars: The Old Republic’s beta is live now."

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samoon2355d ago

The only thing this game is good for is making those kick ass CG trailers.

Other than that......

Blacktric2355d ago

Oh because you've played it right? Or read 4-5 reviews about it on different websites maybe? Oh wait, you didn't and you're just making false assumptions without having anything to back them up....

math2355d ago

This game is going to be outstanding....hopefully.

ATi_Elite2355d ago

May the force be with you young Jedi!


Let your Anger flow freely and reap the powers of the darkside.

yamzilla2355d ago


I know you love those 7 year old consoles

you should just go play all those console mmo's

DC online....yeah...noo...that looks worse than everquest 1 and is nowhere near as deep!

The ps3 couldn't even run the loading screen of this game

720p was cool in 1999

samoon2355d ago

Wow you guys take your MMO's seriously, calm down I was only kidding jeez <.<

I just feel like this is gonna be like any other MMO that comes out and then people stop playing it a few months later.

I wish they announced a new Star Wars Battlefront or something not another Star Wars MMO.

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mafiahajeri2355d ago

Im not even going to bother looking in my inbox considering my uncanny crappy luck when it comes to getting into betas. I also know Im not alone which gives me abit of comfort deep down inside...

Spinal2355d ago

Looool i just had to laugh at ur life xD

Jk tbh the only real way into betas is thru the pre order bonuses like i did wiv warhammer/aion/rift even tho i went straight bk to wow an didnt buy any of em.

evercast2355d ago

Pre-order a collectors edition the day it was available hopefully i will be getting a key soon :D

Kaizin5142355d ago

Unfortunately, preordering does not guarantee you a beta invite. Only early access, which generally takes place 1-2 weeks before launch.

noxeven2355d ago

I hope i get in, ive been a member of the site since it originally launched and then i have the collectors edition pre-ordered

listenkids2355d ago

Signed up for testing 2 years ago, I won't hold my breath.
Also is this US only so far?

Blacktric2355d ago

I think so. I've applied at least a year ago and I've also preordered the game and recently registered my early access code to the official website but haven't got any e-mail yet.

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