The Past, Present and Future of 3D on PS3

To see how well 3D has performed over the past year, what's going on right now, and a look at the future of 3D - from head mounted displays to holographics, PSLS chatted to Mick Hocking, Director of the Worldwide Studios 3D Team.

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doctorstrange2540d ago

One of those head mounted displays already

T3mpr1x2540d ago

Yeah, that's be really cool to have.

darthv722540d ago

HMD (head mounted displays) are not new. That is the key piece of hardware for VR. There had been a few attempts at home VR even back in the genesis days. I think it was sony helping them develop it or maybe they were helping Atari with the JagVR???

In any case what we are seeing the the progression of the tech. By default the HMD's are 3d in nature even back then. It was ahead of its time then and costly but like all things....eventually the time is right and the price is right.

I believe they are working on a glasses free tv (pretty much all makers are at this point) but also a 3d screen for their phones. That is, if they keep the ericson line going. Imagine, 3d like the 3ds but on smart phones.

Trexman892540d ago

I'm sure the first installment would cost more than a small car, but a couple years down the line I'd definitely pick one up.

Hicken2540d ago

I never wanted that small car, anyway.

ftwrthtx2540d ago

I would love to try out the glasses.

Sev2540d ago

They are pretty cool. Lightweight too. It's not VR, its just 3D. But still cool.

Like anything, it needs software to take advantage of what it does.

doctorstrange2540d ago

VR's next according to Mick Hocking

Army_of_Darkness2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

what would be awesome is if they used those head mounted 3D displays with the PS4! it would seem like your actually in the game! just imagine looking down at your move controller which becomes your machine gun in the virtual 3D world:)

Although, you might want to give yourself clearance playing horror games just incase you freakout and start kicking and screaming lol!

doctorstrange2540d ago

The future is bright.

And scary.

ftwrthtx2539d ago

That would be freaking awesome!

dexterino2540d ago

LOL..!! If they change the colour pattern to black and red then we can walk around wearing one of these looking like Cyclops...

Kyosuke_Sanada2540d ago

Questworld. Log On. Subject: Jonny Quest...Going in hot!!!

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