IGN - id Software's Future With Wii U

IGN - With a few 'core' titles, such as Vigil's Darksiders II, on the release schedule for Wii U, what do other hardcore studios think of Nintendo's upcoming console? There are few with more hardcore cred than id Software, and studio president Todd Hollenshead offered some perspective.

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charmer2359d ago

if id wants to make some money and stay relevant they will be on board the wiiu cause unless sony and microsoft blatantly copy the controller...wiiu will win hands down...its too much possibility.

axisofweevils2359d ago (Edited 2359d ago )

This is another IGN Nintendo trolling article.
Half-way through, they start talking about the Wii rather than the Wii U, but the way it is written makes it sound like they're dissing the Wii U.

We all know the Wii can't run Rage. That's why Nintendo are releasing a new console.

N4g_null2358d ago

Yeah I never go to that site any more they are on some ones pay roll and are mad nintendo does not pay them. They are pretty much what is wrong with gaming. Patcher does a better job then them.

I'm really not worried about id jumping on. It seems John is still mad at nintendo or some thing. Hopefully rage does good but I have a feeling the hard core are going to take a crap on them hard. The cod and mw3 fans are going to gut them it seems and they continue to hate on nintendo.... Fan bases are made not giving which is the main reason why they havnt had a hit in so long.

All I have to say is they better start hunting for open minded fans because these gamers have not play any of your good game al la quake 1-3. They skipped quake wars, brink didn't do so well and crysis just hot burnt! Next up is id. The people they are chasing only reward realism and fanboys are already screaming cell shaded, which is not a good sign.

What is even sadder is id and john could do the unthinkable and release a bsp map editor with their wiiu release support mods and do cross platform gaming with the wiiu and pc. No they would rather some one else do that. What they don't understand is the first ones to get a wiiu shooter right will make a golden eye n64, halo like splash.

On top of all of this the wiiu has the tech for mega textures, 8 gig flash that's faster than a hdd and a true hd gpu with a controller that has a great pc secret in it lol. Just add water and fps are not stale any more. Even red steel 3 should rock now! Cod and mw3 will be there with battle field and you will be too late id.

The younger gamers don't give a flying fuxk what you might have done years ago. Just check the avg age at quakecon and realize those guys are there because they don't have jobs lol. Cod players are kids with mommy income! Get with the program before you become the next midway and stop during notch! LoL

Rrobba2359d ago

What si it with everyone, especially IGN, dissing Nintendo 3DS and Wii U lately? Gosh, the 3DS was JUST released and the Wii U isn't even out yet, give them a flipping chance.

mike1up2357d ago

Lame article. They ask 1 WiiU question, and then proceed to bashing the Wii. Well maybe theyre right about Nintendo fans, who knows? Honesty, i had no intention on buying their game if it did release to the WiiU.