Does the iPad Spell Doom for Console Gaming?

UTR: Console game makers are starting to feel the pinch. Bissell quotes some alarming statistics about the sales performance of several high-profile and well-review games released this year; Bulletstorm, Dead Space 2 and Shadows of the Damned have done poorly and even recent hits like L.A. Noire and Portal 2 have performed below expectations

Game developers are getting nervous. The production value that goes into a high-profile console game requires a lot of engineering and designer manpower that cost a huge amount of money. The budgets for current games are based on past sales history, so a few underperformers can completely screw a company’s bottom line

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miyamoto2541d ago

Apple is preparing their own official control pad add-on to address the clamor for buttons & sticks iOS device gaming.
They will capitalize on the gaming potential of their iDevices as console gaming devices too.

Stealth2k2541d ago

you just made that up. They arent.

a08andan2541d ago

Well if they launch a controller, then at least they are making a serious attempt at the gaming market! I have no problem with them doing that, as long as there will be games for me to enjoy :)

dredgewalker2541d ago

They may launch a controller but they don't have games that appeal to the core gamer. Also if I have to pay 500-700 dollars for the Ipad and then buy accessories at premium price from Apple then how much do think I've spent just to have a shallow gaming experience from my Ipad? I can already buy both a 360 and PS3 at the price of the Ipa unit alone!.....facepalm......

TheDivine2541d ago

Seriously guy? You buy a ps3 for 600 but say 500 for an ipad is too much? Its a e-reader, web browser, gaming machine, media streaming exc. You say theres no games for core audience? So when ff3 is on ds its core on ipad its not? FF tactics? Nova? Dungean hunter? Modern combat? SSF4? Chaos Rings? Mana? Rage? DMC4? RE4? PvZombies? GTA chinatown wars? Guardian of light? Most all psn/xbla games are on ipad.

BULL****! You have made up your mind after probly playind some one dollar or free half a**** apps. There are crazy good games on ipad, as good as 3ds and vita imo. Theres even mmo's and huge wrpgs as big pc rpgs. They have great jrpgs, rts's, and tower defense.

Add in a bluetooth controller along with the hdmi and you will have a portable console with more functinality than consoles. Developers would take advantage of the controls and i imagine apple will release an iphone with controlls like the ps phone someday. Right now imo its comparable to xbla but will soon rival the 360 itself in graphics and games (2-4 years).

dredgewalker2540d ago


Is the PS3 $600 right now? I bought one for $300 dollars and got a 32 inch lcd for $300 and that's a better deal than a $500 dollar tablet with half-assed ports of the games you mentioned. Learn to read I said I can buy a PS3 AND a 360 at the Ipad's price. I can also buy a 3DS AND a Vita at the Ipad's price. Logic must be a missing trait among Apple lovers.

miyamoto2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

Ah the nay sayers..... can't live with out em XD

Onlive Controller for the iPad

iPhone Controller

iControl Pad

iControl Pad for Android

Just to give you some clues on how things are shaping up on the iDevices as far as mobile devices are shaping up.

Please watch these videos and be the judge if these touch pad only devices measure up against Nintendo & Sony's gaming machines.

dredgewalker2540d ago


They still don't, gimped games and those accessories along with the Ipad would cost me $800 or more. Considering the Vita will only cost $250 with no additional add-ons and games that would blow any Ipad game in the water I see no reason to jump in. With that kind of money I can also get a gaming pc that would play BF3. I would now add common sense as another missing trait among Apple fans.

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dedicatedtogamers2541d ago

The iPhone/iTouch? Maybe.

But the iPad actually hasn't sold in droves at all. It has sold...average-ly.

lelo2541d ago

"But the iPad actually hasn't sold in droves at all. It has sold...average-ly. "

LOL.... you got to be kidding.

That's the understatement of the year.

Armyntt2541d ago

Seriously, "average-ly". First im not sure thats even a word. Two the Ipad has changed the "game" no pun intended for tablet computing. All other Tablets, though most are actually better than the Ipad have sold very "average-ly". The Ipad is a straight up phenomenon. Im no apple guy either i just own a gen1 ipod.

lelo2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

For a few years it's been... PC GAMING IS DOOMED.


_Aarix_2541d ago


iamnsuperman2541d ago

I can see it having a knock on effect for mobile gaming (not just the ipad but smart phones in general but for home gaming defiantly not

Rainstorm812541d ago

Who writes these articles, you only have half an arguement when it comes to portable gaming devices but home consoles???

The Ipad could NEVER replace any of the big 3 consoles.... no matter how much it sells.... its the same as saying laptops will replace consoles whiich is more likely than this..

TBM2541d ago

yea imma go with no. for the price of this stupid thing i could buy two consoles with proper controllers.

fr0sty2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

Why no?

1. Apple is notorious for being overpriced. Everything from their computers to their phones and tablets costs way too damn much.

2. The ipad doesn't have enough under the hood to satisfy the core gamer.

3. The core gamer likes to be able to hook a system up to their big screen and enjoy HD quality graphics, even 3D.

4. Last time I checked, ipad couldn't play blu-ray movies, didn't have any sort of online gaming service, or any of the other extra features we've come to love in consoles.

5. Even the portable consoles still pack more under the hood than any Ipad. 3DS is just that, 3D, and Vita kicks it's ass all over the place. Vita basically is an ipad with an additional touch pad, buttons, and a hell of a lot more under the hood.

6. Apple doesn't have the established third party developer support that the other consoles/handhelds do. This is far more important than you may realize.

7. Apple doesn't have any AAA first party studios, so you won't see them pumping out the next uncharted, god of war, or last guardian.

8. Being a newcomer to the gaming industry, they just don't have the brand loyalty the other companies enjoy.

Until they can clear those hurdles, they won't be any threat to the console world.

Thatguy-3102541d ago

I don't really think so.. I doubt that will ever happen just for the fact that all three major gaming companies are very well established and have many supporters that choose them over the casual iPad....

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Chaostar2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

How many times are we going to have this dumb question repeated on N4G?

"Will iphone/ipad/mobile phones/farmville/potatoes/tick le-me-elmo (delete as appropriate) kill console gaming?"

TenSteps2541d ago

Bu... bu... tickle me elmo has devil power

rabidpancakeburglar2541d ago

That doll is just sick, look at how it laughs through the pain

nolifeking2541d ago

I didn't need to sleep ever again anyway.

badz1492540d ago

That tickel me elmo is SweetTooth in disguise

fluffydelusions2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

So? I was in the military and we gamed all the time. When stationed overseas with nothing to do we played Half life deathmatch over the LAN...good times. In avionics school we filled the lounge daily playing Goldeneye on the n64. That said, I don't see iPad replacing consoles.

drsnobby2542d ago

no,console gaming is a huge part of the gaming industry and it's here to stay.PERIOD!!!!

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