The Witcher interview - Demo, toolset, closer and further plans

Michal Kicinski, Managing Director of CD Projekt, has assessed The Witcher debut and its reception by journalists and gamers. He has also critically assessed the whole production process, speaking about things, that could be done differently. He also added a few words about further plans of the company and stressed, that The Witcher is only a beginning of CD Projekt RED's activity on a global games market.

In the interview Michal Kicinski says: "Many people ask us about our future projects. We are still too deeply involved in The Witcher. We are customizing the toolset so that it can be used by gamers and not only professionals. Of course, even after this procedure, creating your own adventures will be a difficult task, but I think that many people will accept this challenge, as the end result may be really impressive :)

We are working on demo (which we couldn't finish before the release), as well. Generally, creating a demo of an RPG is not an easy task. We want to make sure we can give new players a good demo of the game that demonstrates the combat system while offering a taste of the role-playing elements that make The Witcher more than some action-RPG."

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Charlie26884058d ago

Excellent work with the game guys I am sure to pick this up, I just hope this time Amazon doesn't run out of stock like the last time (2 days ago) >.>