IGN - Fixing the Nintendo 3DS

IGN - Let's be honest -- the 3DS has seen better days. It is struggling because Nintendo made a bunch of mistakes at launch including a lack of killer games, a high price, and a weak marketing campaign.

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LOGICWINS2540d ago

If only Nintendo had released a $250 3DS bundle with Pokemon 3DS and Wario Ware 3DS. Damn what a missed opportunity.

jacksonmichael2540d ago

So it was a missed opportunity to have not released it with games that don't exist in any known form? ... Makes... sense...

LOGICWINS2540d ago

???? Of course, they don't exist...which is why this is a missed opportunity for Nintendo. If these games DID exist at launch, then 3DS sales would have fared better, hence taking advantage of an opportunity.

axisofweevils2540d ago

The 3DS has seen better days? When?
It launched 4 months ago and it didn't sell as well as expected.
IGN really seem to be ramping up the Nintendo hate lately.

Xof2540d ago

Before release. Those were the better days.

And everyone is "ramping up the Nintendo hate lately." Consumers are finally wising up to the fact that Nintendo hasn't been treating them right.

DanSolo2540d ago

Well to be honest this is probably a really good thing!

Nintendo have dominated the hand held market for years (which is not a problem), but with Vita looking good and coming out fairly soon we could end up with a more competitive hand-held market which is very good for both Nintendo and Sony fans.

It makes it worthwhile for other systems and devs to put more effort in as it makes it more likely that they will see good returns on their work.

And Nintendo will not sit back and let it slip so they will push themselves harder and give Nintendo fans more for their money!

charmer2540d ago

first off the 3ds problem is already fixed, right price, right games....and with 3d movies and good downloads...and with 3d taking off next year...its in a great position.