This is how Assassin's Creed will most likely look like in next generation platforms

DSOGaming writes: "Okay, I’m speechless. Shi Yao designed an Italian Lonely Town, that is rendered with VRay 2 and 3ds MAX 2011 and is inspired by Assasins Creed Brotherhood. And let me tell you, it looks breathtaking."


To avoid misunderstandings:

"If Epic's Samaritan tech demo is anything to go by, then we can easily say that this is how Ubisoft's action adventure will look like on next generation consoles and PCs."

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doctorstrange2485d ago

To see what the next gen brings

evrfighter2485d ago

looks like witcher 2 textures

NewMonday2485d ago

Uncharted 3 looks like this

CameronL992485d ago

Now if only the engines being created will make it easier to create that stuff a lot faster and easier, that's what we need, so games can be made faster, because in the end they get made cheaper - and that's the main thing. If youc an decrease the cost of development then game companies will be more likely to take chances with very original IP, which is what the industry so desperately needs.

Ducky2485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

Creating stuff would'nt be all that different.

... but I bet it would make life hell for the animators and programmers to ensure that it isn't all just pretty static pictures.

JsonHenry2485d ago

It could look like that on (high end) PCs right now. :)

kaveti66162485d ago

It could look like that on mid-level PCs right now.

Cmpunk2485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

pc is for youtube it's not a gaming console and it never will be

plus pc gaming is a dying platform

kaveti66162485d ago

Then it is especially sad that a PC for youtube can outperform a dedicated gaming console. Very sad indeed.

BeastlyRig2485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

I agree PC could never be a console. Derp..

Now we just have to get rid of the hundreds of games coming to pc between now & next year and it will be finished..

Eamon2485d ago

That would be amazing.

Bay2485d ago

It looks great, but I wouldn't say next-gen yet. It's definitely getting there though. It just has terrific lighting.

I doubt next-gen will look like the Samaritan demo either, considering that that demo was running on tri-SLi GTX 580's, and just one of them cost a ton. Unless the next gen systems are going to sell at a massive loss, I wouldn't expect anything close to the Samaritan demo.

kaveti66162485d ago

Epic claimed the Samaritan demo was unoptimised and could run on one gtx 580.

qwertyz2485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

you are truly ignorant. console manufactures contract gpu manufacturers to help them DESIGN a gpu then the console manufacturers manufacture the GPU themselves(using microchip manufacturers such as global foundries and TSMC) pay loyalties to the company that designed the gpu on each console sold. therefore console manufactures can get gpus for their consoles MUCH cheaper than we do, aside from that you do know that mass production reduces costs right ?

take the Xbox 360 for example Microsoft owns the design of both the cpu and gpu because they simply payed IBM and AMD to DESIGN the chips for them and pay loyalties on each chip sold but MS has rights to shrink the dies however they wish because its THEIR property.MS currently has a deal with global foundries so they help them manufacture the chip using their fabrication facilities as smaller transistor nodes become available die further die shrinks are possible

console manufacturers usually don't by gpus and cpus like we do. get your facts right before talking smack would you ?

die size is tied to manufacturing cost therefore the smaller the die size the cheaper the chip is to manufacture. with improvements in transistor technology(as smaller nodes become available) more transistors can be packed into less die space leading to smaller dies or more transistors in the SAME die space which makes it possible to make more powerful chips at the same silicon budget

Die size also affects power consumption and heat, the smaller the die size the less heat the chip gives off and the less power it consumes. if you know nothing about technology PLEASE don't act like you do.DAMN

a gtx 580 DIE(just the gpu chip alone) costs about than 200(probably even less or a little more) to manufacture but its sold at 500 because nvidia needs to make PROFIT console developers do not they usually subside their consoles scepter Nintendo that always likes to make profits from the start same reason they are always technically behind(MS and sony did this when the 360 and ps3 launched they all started by taking losses that latter turned to profits as costs reduced over the years)

having he power of 3 gtx580s won't be nearly as expensive as you think because of all these things. remember that when the 360 launched in 2005 its gpu was bleeding edge at the time ? EXACTLY it even has directx 10 feature such as unified shader architecture, memexport and multiple pass tessellation as well as fast edram it was cutting edge when it launched but unfortunately is nothing, NOTHING compared to the high end geforce 8 series gpus that launched less than a year after. PC FTW!!!


the 360 gpu wasn't developed from ANYTHING.
does an ati radeon 1900 have unified shader archiecture ? NO

does an ati radeon 1900 support memexport ? NO

does an ati hd radeon have a multiple pass tessellation unit ? NO

does an ATI radeon 1900 have cpu l2 cache locking ? NO

can an ATI radeon 1900 use a pc cpu for procedural synthesis ? NO

does an ati hd radeon 1900 shader functionality stretch beyond shader model 3.0 ? NO

these are all features of xenos, xenos is basically a R600gpu and not an r520(like the radeon 1900/1950) it has most if not all directx 10 features ATI said this themselves google it you'll find articles.

the ps3 gpu on the other hand wasn't developed from the ground up the way the cell was, sony went to nvidia at the LAST minute because they chose not to use another cell as a gpu because the cell doesn't have texture units, rops and rasterizers which would be impossible to emulate aside from that the cell as too expensive so they decided they'll just get a weak gpu and use the cell to help it out instead .

jetlian2485d ago

post is off he didn't mention most of what you posted! In any case they do buy some off the shelf chips.

Anyway those graphics are pretty high. Textures are high and very clear/crisp

Bay2485d ago

Regardless, the parts are all made and designed based off pre-existing hardware, like the 360's GPU is designed off ATI's X1900 series of cards (unless you have the slim 360, in which case you get the newer 65nm XCGPU chips which I have no idea about), with the PS3 being based off nVidia's 7800/7900 series of cards. There's only so much you can do when you're basing your tech off pre-existing things - you can't modify the 7800 chip to perform significantly higher than what its normally capable of, without a major overhaul.

And did I say that the next-gen systems are going to run on the EXACT same cards as PC's? No. They'll do the same thing they did this gen - contract ATI/nVidia/Intel/AMD/IBM/whate ver to help co-develop their parts. No one is dumb enough to think that they'd be running on the same GPUs as PCs do, seriously.

xtreampro_REVENGE!2485d ago

I bubbled you up because your comment is very informative.


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