Question of the Week: What is your gaming guilty pleasure?

Question of the week folks. Here it is. What is your gaming guilty pleasure, or what game makes you hate yourself for loving it so much?

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DeathProof2356d ago

It's gotta be COD. Always find myself going back to the Duty, lol.

ATi_Elite2355d ago

Stands up and faces the circled crowd.

Me "High my name is Ati-Elite"
crowd "High Ati-Elite"

Me "I play battlefieldPlay4free"
Crowd "Ah man what a looser at least we're just Alcoholics"

Even though i routinely play TF2 Arma II BFBC2 RO BF2 GTAIV MP and STALKER i find myself for some reason playing this game that is pay2win, laggy, bad hit detection, and just sub par compared to my other favorite titles. I don't know why i play it but i do.

It's my guilty pleasure that I'm just compelled to win playing a game that really needs fixed.

NukaCola2356d ago

Peggle, I got it on PSN. I EFFING HATE this god awful nightmare of a game. I play it, I get so angry cause it's hard. But I'll turn it on and play some more. I should just delete it but I can't let go. Only real facebooky style game I play, not a big pogo kind of guy.

Paragon2355d ago

Dynasty Warriors for me. Awesome series.

Kyosuke_Sanada2355d ago

Guilty Gear XX,
No matter how far I run from thee,
The flames of your heavy metal,
Your serene voice caressing my ears with the words "DESTROYED!!"",
Your enchanting stare that when locked on,
Gives you either the pleasure of Heaven or Hell.
I will hold you forever intimately,
Sol's flamberge as my pillow,
Ino's guitar as my teddy bear,
Under the blanket of Eddie's Shadow,
We shall never part company......

Pintheshadows2355d ago

Command and Conquer Renegade. I knew it was awful but I found it fun.

NukaCola2355d ago

Is that the FPS with RTS commanding?

Pintheshadows2353d ago

It was more just an FPS with C and C vehicles to drive.

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