Blizzard Defends Always-Online Requirement For Diablo III - Gameinformer

Speaking to Game Informer, Blizzard VP of online technologies Rob Bridenbecker was quick to point out the benefits of requiring players to always play Diablo III online. Unsurprisingly, Bridenbecker downplayed piracy prevention's role in the decision while talking up the ways being online improves a player's experience.

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Darkseeker2415d ago

He is delusional if he thinks this is gonna stop piracy. Give it a day at most for an offline patch.

Motion2415d ago

Well, short of getting the server code and running a private server, this will stop piracy. They have already stated that all character information is stored server-side, not locally.

JsonHenry2415d ago

This game will be broken and hacked within a matter of days. No anti-piracy is gonna work for long.

justtdoitt902415d ago

My problem with these 'online required' games is that I go through a isp called 'fairpoint' and as anyone with fairpoint will tell you, the internet goes out every fking 15 mintues, making it nearly impossible to play online games.
I'd like to go through another isp but can't because of my location:/

Motion2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

Ah, a fellow resident of the northeast I see :p Working in telecom and having done contract work for Fairpoint, I feel for you. I really do.

tepkisiz2415d ago

Think about it: you made a lvl 80 hardcore character by putting your months on it and saving his life in impossible moments.
And one day your "stable" connection goes off for just 5 seconds and your character gets killed by one weakling. How cool would that be?

yamzilla2415d ago

regardless of what people think about it they will still buy it, it will be the best arpg since diablo 2

it will sell 10 million and it will be epic!!

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The story is too old to be commented.