5 Characters We want in Super Smash Bros Wii U

GamerFitNation gives 5 characters they would love to see in Super Smash for Wii U. We don't know how many people remember, but at E3 this year Reggie Fils-Amie briefly announced that we would be getting a new Smash Bros for the Wii U. I now take it upon myself to give our list of some characters that we would love to see in the game.

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Rrobba2513d ago (Edited 2513d ago )

For me:

Mega Man

The return of Snake and Sonic.


For me:

Mega Man
Freddy Kru--- Oops wrong game!

Issac from Dead Space,

Bring back Sonic & Snake

ChickeyCantor2513d ago

Nintendo should keep it at Nintendo characters

jacksonmichael2513d ago

As hated as Capcom is, I think that this post is a great reason for expansive levels of DLC for this game. I would love it if it was entirely Nintendo characters. But I would also love Chrono. And I can understand how people would want their favorite characters in the game. Of course they should have the option to have them, but I don't want my game to be convoluted. Should 3rd party characters be made available as DLC? Comments?

Urameshi2513d ago

I still would love if Arc from Terranigma was in some iteration, but unfortunately I know that'll never happen :/

WombBat2513d ago

thats a great character that should be implemented, never thought about that one.

No FanS Land2513d ago

What I want in the next smash bros.

not casual like brawl and hardcore like melee.

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