Peace of Mind

Not the most ideal “Peace of Mind”. Or is it?

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Mustang300C20122362d ago

Seriously? This is the best news you can come up with. Target that offers what just about any retail store offers which is an extended warranty on game consoles?

3GenGames2362d ago

Funny picture, but who cares about the peace of mind crap? >.>

Ardorme2362d ago

This is funny, you know, because older Xboxes overheat easily.

Also, it would be really awesome if this website would credit the source of the image:

I mean, it kinda seems like this website just pulls stuff from Reddit or other sites without sourcing it. That's never cool, friend.

SuperSaiyan42362d ago

Please someone go make an article about YLOD and all the features the PS3 hardware is losing and post up a picture - oh wait that would be a quite a few pictures 1 for YLOD and then several for all the downgrades the PS3 has got lol.

gypsygib2362d ago (Edited 2362d ago )

360 will go down in history as the most unreliable console ever.

MS almost totally blew this generation, they survived because by 2007 they had a monster list of exclusives (Mass Effect, Gears 1, Halo, 3) and a way more developed online service.

Then they lost ME and sold Bungie!!

I wish MS was more like the 2007 MS.

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