Criterion Hiring For Open World Racer

Eurogamer: "A job listing, spotted by VideoGamer, asks for an AI programmer. "Our current ambition requires an innovative programmer to deliver killer entertainment experiences with believable, open world AI Racing Drivers," it says"

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Rainstorm812239d ago

Right as if the last Burnout wasnt open world.... surely it must be burnout

Darkseeker2239d ago

Could it be ... Burnout 6?

Quagmire2238d ago

Most likely, dont see them doing anything else. And that crap flash game they're making sure as hell aint open world

Darkseeker2238d ago

At least Burnout Crash isn't Burnout 6. That would have been bad.

mobijoker2239d ago

Buuuurrrrnnnnn Ouuuuut.....

ainsz2238d ago

I see what you did there...

EazyC2238d ago

" It's Burnout:

Buuurn Ouuuut!"

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The story is too old to be commented.