Epic Still Heavily Invested in Consoles, Mobile Not Taking Over Just Yet [Clarification]

IndustryGamers recently ran a story with Epic Games President Mike Capps in which the executive talked about the huge impact that smartphones and tablets are having on the games industry. Epic reached out to us today to clarify that they're still very much invested in future consoles and the PC.

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donniebaseball2391d ago

Makes sense. All that mobile talk was kinda sending a mixed message.

Ulf2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

...or ever, for the kinds of games Epic makes.

Mobile gaming is a phenomenon, if the game costs $0.99, and the publisher didn't spend more than $250K on making it.. if that.

I don't think most serious gamers are ever going to be pleased with a game that costs less than $250K to make, especially on hardware like the Tegra 3, etc.

Mobile gaming needs to get popular in the $10-$15/game range before any serious publisher will make serious games for it.

fluffydelusions2391d ago

There are already serious publishers in mobile gaming.

Ulf2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

Producing... weak apps, for chump change. as a side thing to existing major franchises, and they are barely profitable.

Epic has no interest in chump change apps. My point is made.

DA_SHREDDER2391d ago

chump change? Didn't angry birds sell over 50 million?

Army_of_Darkness2391d ago

even "chump" change adds up. those mobile developers know that, which is why they are in that business to begin with.