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Submitted by dbjj12088 1576d ago | article

Good Idea, Bad Idea: PlayStation Vita in 2012

GR: "Kaz Hirai recently confirmed that the US and European markets would not see the release of the PlayStation Vita in 2011. Anthony Severino and Daniel Bischoff have laid out why they think it is a good idea (Anthony) and a bad idea (Daniel). Whose side are you on?" (3DS, Industry, Next-Gen, PS Vita, PS3)

doctorstrange  +   1576d ago
That isn't now is bad.
Sev  +   1576d ago
I can't wait to get my hands on the Vita. Again. Sometimes I think it's worse that I actually got to play it, now I know what I'm missing.

C'mon Sony, can't you just give me one?

I'll prob end up importing from here:
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dbjj12088  +   1576d ago
Thanks for the link! Can't come soon enough.
user858621  +   1576d ago
shame sony banned people from selling their products to europe......
decimalator  +   1576d ago
is it region free?
Sev  +   1576d ago
Good question. I'm not entirely sure. But I have heard that to be true. Time for me to do some research, because I have to know so I can buy one :)
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MaxXAttaxX  +   1576d ago
Makes for a better launch.
I think it's best to launch the PS Vita with multiple game options, than to release now with little to no software.

It also gives us more money and time to spend on some pretty great games coming out later this year.
darthv72  +   1576d ago
"They’ve made the 3DS look like an inferior product from specs alone, then to have it at the same price point? It made the 3DS look like a rip-off compared to what the Vita offers.

Nintendo is now in a poor position with the 3DS: sell it for much less than planned, alienate early adopters, and let the world know that it was struggling. This hurt Nintendo, and I’m not sure that they can get out of it."

A couple things in that statement doesnt click. I guess the obvious fact the 3ds was technically inferior had to be reiterated in case there were those who didnt know? Seriously.

It isnt about the technical power. Its about how you sell it. Granted there are many who would say the price drop is weakness but that is the obvious position one would take with no interest in the matter. If you have no desire for the 3ds that is fine but no need try and spin the obvious into something it isnt.

I also find it funny how up until the price point of the vita was announced, people were already saying it would be over $300-400. Nintendo never said they would make it the most powerful thing on the planet nor did they say the price would stay at that point for years after launch.

Sony announces their price and we are supposed to believe rumors that it was the reason the 3ds was lowered? You nor I nor the rest of the logical thinking world knows what nintendo had in mind for this device but we sure like to proclaim we know more than them. Major BS on that part!

Nintendo in a poor position...? coming up just shy of 400k units to make their prediction for the fiscal year. That isnt poor by any means. If we are talking an 8 million prediction and only selling 2 (units not millions). THAT is an example of "POOR POSITION".

And somebody please tell me how a price drop alienates anyone. If this is bad then all those who bought a ps3 or 360 at launch or there after must be overwhelmingly PISSED at those who waited for the price to drop.

Hypocrisy at its best.
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tiffac  +   1576d ago

Yes the PSV is region free. It was announced at E3.

Bull5hifT  +   1575d ago
Okay i Got $7,800 in the Bank , i am a Very Impatient Person .....i Cant Wait For The Jeolousy ill Get By Having This-And Just The Sheer Thought Of Holding This in my Hands-- Im an American , What Happens When i Import it From Japan? What are the Negatives apart from getting charged a little extra , InLighten Me
Bull5hifT  +   1575d ago
Okay i Got $7,800 in the Bank , i am a Very Impatient Person .....i Cant Wait For The Jealousy ill Get By Having This-And Just The Sheer Thought Of Holding This in my Hands-I Want To Get Started Looking On what kind of Video Files it Plays, Does the Music have an Equalizer?, or Sound Crisp in Loud From The Speakers Built In?, can i View huge 12 MegaPixel Pictures In all There Glory and not get a Dumb Down Version?, Will This Have Cooler Music Visual Effects?, How Well Does The Internat Work? , Can i Play Flash Games off The Internet?, How Long Does The Battery Last?, Can I Use The Built in GPS as a TomTom, What Kind of Memory Stick Does it Use?, Whats The Biggest Size Stick i Can Afford?, How Responsive is this Touchscreen?, How Visible is the Screen OutDoors, Will the Sun Kill Pixels in Oled Screens? - Im an American , What Happens When i Import it From Japan? What are the Negatives apart from getting charged a little extra? , InLighten Me
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MaxXAttaxX  +   1575d ago
What are you blabbering on about in that wall of text?

You're right about the price drop not really alienating anyone. And you're right about it restating the obvious about the tech specs.
BUT everything else in that quote, as harsh as it it is, is technically correct.
BigWoopMagazine  +   1576d ago
Agreed doc. If it's ready now, release it now, dammit. All they're doing now is letting the 3DS gain momentum. So what if the Vita costs more? Consumers that want something good will drop the bills for it, and all the features on the thing are clearly worth the money, and probably more.
MaxXAttaxX  +   1576d ago
If it released now, it would have a terrible launch.
It's best for it to have a strong software line-up, than to have little to none at all.
mastiffchild  +   1575d ago
When the games are there they will launch. IMHO they waited to launch PS3 and EVEN then it wasn't enough-they should have waited longer and had MORE of a launch line up. It's EVERYTHING for a console right now as 3DS has proved. Even now it's best game is one I've actually already played to death on TWO Nintendo systems(and with VC only last year!)and to my mind had Ninty had a half decent launch line up of games their console wouldn't have had a cut yet-and definitely not one of the size we've seen.

IF Sony COULD release Vita with a shedload of content worth playing today, trust me, they would, but as they won't have enough ready 'til later they're right to sit tight and release WHEN the games are ready-but they cannot mess it up then and the games MUST show the systems strengths and show them well.

3DS may never be in a weaker position than the one it's in now but the lack of a 2011 Vita shows Sony CLEARLY aren't ready yet and have learned from the past that no games at launch is BAD!! the best Sony were ever likely to even HOPE for this handheld generation was a chance to compete let alone the chance to look at reducing anyone else's market share so I reckon, right now, they're pretty happy with how it's going and are trusting that they have to have the games ready before jumping in.

Naturally, if the thing gets hacked week one it's screwed again.
ABizzel1  +   1576d ago
More bad than good.

Good because there's just way to many games to try to buy for the rest of this year.

Bad because they're going to miss out on the much needed holiday sales. That's more important than anything.

Honestly I think they should launch in the US or Europe first.

They're the biggest gaming markets in the world, and Japan is currently satisfied with the PSP which means they're making nothing but profit form the PSP over there, so why stop that. It makes no sense. In most cases the US bought more copies of PSP games so the US should be the launching pad for the PS Vita, then European and Japanese releases later.
Mustang300C2012  +   1576d ago
Why would they launch in the US first when they sell more in Japan than they do in the US with their handheld?
ABizzel1  +   1576d ago
Did you not read my comment?

They're still selling PSP's in Japan. The PSP is nothing but profit at this point, so why put out the PS Vita in Japan where the PSP is selling the most.

They would miss out on the profit they're making selling PSP's and start taking a loss since we know they'll be selling the PS Vita for less than it cost to develop for the first couple of years. That's why they should launch in the US first, and continue to bring in profit from the PSP in Japan. That's a smart business decision.

The longer they wait the cheaper PS Vita development will be, and if they launch in Japan next year, then development cost will be less. Even if it's mere cents less that will save the company a lot of money when they sell in Japan.
shadow2797  +   1575d ago
They've already said they'll be breaking even or profiting on vita out of the gate. This is not the PS3, Sony planned for the price point before developing the hardware so they wouldn't have to sell at a loss.
ABizzel1  +   1575d ago
Sometimes I truly wonder do the people on n4g have brains because you guys are either seriously lacking in reading comprehension, or you just blindly post ideas you grab from your delusional minds.

Do you not remember that Kaz Hirai, someone who knows a lot more about Sony then yourself, STATED the PS Vita will not make a profit until 3 years time. THEY ARE SELLING THE PSV AT A LOSS. If that's not enough then here.

Seriously how hard is it to take 1 minute to check your facts before, posting a comment that's completely wrong. The only way the Vita won't lose money is if they include game sales with as profit for the device which is nothing more than fluffing numbers for investors.
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decimalator  +   1576d ago
Yes, the dark ages really sucked.
rezzah  +   1576d ago
Always seems that the Sony systems or mostly anything sony is bad in some way.

never ends, will it?

Since the PS3 release.
SilentNegotiator  +   1576d ago
I'll eat used baby diapers if this confirmation of what we already knew (That Vita was going to be released in one region this year, others following, within the same fiscal year) is not called a "delay" by several websites. It is a Playstation product after all. Remember how GoW3 was "delayed" because Gamestop posted a 2009 release date? Or GT5 several times because sites kept creating expectations?
Kran  +   1576d ago
Good idea.

Why? I can now actually afford everything I want to get Q4 2011 ;P
mrmancs  +   1576d ago
no external hd output is a amazing over site, on what to looks a (near) perfect piece of kit.
UltimateIdiot911  +   1576d ago
I doubt it's an oversight, they probably are going to repeat what they did with the PSP.

First one will lack the output while the later models will gain the "new" feature.

As much as I probably know this will be true, I am mostly going to get the PSVita day 1.
mrmancs  +   1576d ago
i said the same only the other day in a n4g thread , typical snidyness by a corp , yet again.
MaxXAttaxX  +   1576d ago
External HD output?
The games are sub-HD.
tiffac  +   1576d ago
But by putting an external HD output on the PSV the connectivity feature between it and the PS3 would fail miserably.
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fullmetal297  +   1575d ago
An HD output would definitely help Game reviewers and people who just wanna showcase the games.
Ace_Pheonix  +   1575d ago
Yeah, didn't care when they added it to the PSP either. It's made to play away from your HDTV, so why bother? They normally look worse big in the first place. Plus, with transfarring it's really a moot feature to begin with.
insertcoin  +   1576d ago
I want the PS Vita to come out at the proper time, so that they have enough launch titles, enough marketing time, and enough development time to come out with a long-lasting product. I rarely get handhelds within the first three months, because I want a better idea of where my money is going in the long run, particularly since an updated PS Vita is practically an assumption.
BigWoopMagazine  +   1576d ago
I'm sure there will be updated models, but the line-up so far is looking pretty awesome. Not sure how many of those will make launch, but there's no doubt that eventually it'll have a bunch of great games.
dbjj12088  +   1576d ago
So have we all come to terms with the name "Vita" now? I'm still a little awkward with it.
Pikajew  +   1576d ago
I don't like it sounds like Vista and Visa. They should have made it more catchy
decimalator  +   1576d ago
No less awkward than Wii U. Oh yeah, well Wii U too pal.
Ace_Pheonix  +   1575d ago
Ha, or Wii in general. It sounded SO ridiculous at first, but now it's normal as pie. I hated Vita at first, but it's growing on me pretty fast.
Trexman89  +   1576d ago
I just say PSV. Just as catchy as NGP.
frelyler  +   1576d ago
A horrible disaster in Japan says hello, I don't think Sony had a choice in the matter. They would not be able to meet demand and the last thing they want is more negative PR. Why do so many so called "journalists" lack common sense.
BigWoopMagazine  +   1576d ago
Because that's not common sense, it's an assumption.
forevercloud3000  +   1575d ago
Tsunami hits Large Parts of Japan, Sony has already stated many of their factories have suffered due to that.......
Its a pretty solid conclusion.
ghaleon1980  +   1575d ago
Just because someone refrains from speculation does not mean they "lack common sense."
frelyler  +   1576d ago
Which is false based on factual data.
EazyC  +   1576d ago
Not releasing before Christmas is silly, in sales terms.

Better in the long term for the consumer, of course.
ChiVoLok0  +   1576d ago
I'm ok I was thinking to my self how I would afford the Vita, Fifa 12, Uncharted 3, Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Resistance 3 Move Bundle, Twisted Metal, and Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One. Thanks to Sony now I can save more money to buy their products sooner then I would of been able to if they hadn't delayed the Vita so its cool.
blackburn10  +   1576d ago
If they had released it this December everyone would say its a bad idea because there are so many games and things to buy that they wouldn't have any money to buy it and then complain how it doesn't have enough games to play. The key thing is to say the opposite of whatever Sony does and go from there.

Nintendo has already shown that the 3DS is a piece of crap with their panicked price drop. So all thats left is for the VITA to show its a better machine and worth the price. I couldn't care less how much they drop the price. Not falling for the DS with a cheap 3D effect to melt my eyes and stiff my neck. Not looking for cheapness, looking for worth.
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JBSleek  +   1576d ago
It was a horrible idea because it is going to be outplayed.
3DS is almost $100 lower and phones and tablets are only getting better.

The Vita should have been released in 2009 to be completely honest. Just like the president of Activision has stated.. It's a great piece of technology but the huge market for it is gone.

Parents and people on a budget would rather spend $200 on an Ipod then $250-300 on a dedicated handheld device which will either get a price drop or a revision within the first two years.
D3stinySm4sher  +   1576d ago
I love Nintendo, but they f5cked up the 3DS launch kinda royal. =/ And it shows now that they have to reduce the price. Eshop wasn't ready for launch, no first party games...Should've stalled it until August IMO and launched at a lower price like what it is now, or maybe $200 to be generous.

PSVita, man, I dunno. As long as they have the solid software at launch, I say go for it. That kind of stuff just isn't going to sell NOT during the holidays, as 3DS shows. Smartphones have changed everything.
DFresh  +   1576d ago
I think it was a good idea considering that the Fall 2011 Line Up this year is having an insane gaming line up.

Sony delayed PS Vita for a couple of reasons.

-Reason 1:
Really make sure the launch is a huge success.
Making sure all of the games, accessories, hardware and availability are in huge supply for purchase.

-Reason 2:
Fall 2011 Line Up is very crowded and Sony would be dumb to crowd it in when there's a lot of games coming out and when a lot of PS3 exclusives are coming out.
Uncharted 3, Resistance 3, Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One, etc.

For me as a consumer this is a good thing it gives me time to save up for other games and get enough money together to get PS Vita.
charmer  +   1575d ago
terrible idea...they would be losing to 3ds but not so bad....if next year 3d takes off they will be further behind..but im sure sony delayed it to copy the 3d feature.
liquidgravity  +   1575d ago
I'm with DFresh.....well said. To many good games coming out the rest of the year to save for the vita. I for one am not rich but this works into my plans just fine. Trust me, I want one soooo bad but good things come to those who wait. Trust me, it will be worth it.
Shnazzyone  +   1575d ago
3ds is going to get a bigger foothold, I think sony was only confident this year in the product because they could match the 3ds' price point. Almost makes you think nintendo planned this all alone to make sony match it with their next handheld, only to give the old switcheroo so sony's vita simply could not compete.

It's likely delayed because either sony is making it cheaper or they are trying to crate a big launch lineup bigger for launch. All I know is they were definitely taking a loss with the 250 price point with the tech in that dokickey. This could be the first sign of sony giving up on handhelds. Then again,I could be biased.
fullmetal297  +   1575d ago
The Good:
4 core CPU and GPU
OLED Screen
Better Third-party support
$250 introductory price

The Bad:
Expensive propitiatory memory card
256mb RAM cut-back
pcz  +   1575d ago
too late
Horny Melon  +   1575d ago
I love the fanboys defending handheld gaming systems. It's hilarious. The 3DS is already out of date, the


has better specs, more functionality and is cheaper. Between the uselessness of 3d and the poor specs the 3DS is selling like shit. Not your opinion of how the numbers look to you, but how the numbers look to the INVESTORS. That is why they are revising the price down NOT because the vita has better specs (that are also shit)

By the the time the Vita hits the shelves it will be going up against the Acer Smart:

Again the acer smart has better specs, more functionality and will be cheaper.

Every analyst, damn near every developer, and many publishers have said that both nintendo AND sony are very brave trying to sell a gaming handheld in this market. Which is a nice way of saying "This shit isn't going to sell" Will they sell to Sony and Nintendo fanboys that will buy anything with Mario or Nathan Hale on it? Sure. But it isn't going to sell to anyone that has to make the purchasing decision between a phone or one of these.

Sony would be dominating the smart phone market if they would have listened to the email I sent them before the PSP launched.
ghaleon1980  +   1575d ago
You mean Nathan Drake?
Horny Melon  +   1575d ago
Nathan Hale is the character in resistance.
rexbolt  +   1575d ago
inorder for it to do well in japan it sony needs to kill the psp entriely this is the reason 3ds was a tad slow its competeing with the the ds as the ds still new games are comeing out now with them both priced the same no one will get a ds over a 3ds hence the 3ds will eat the ds bringing up its sales/ becomeing the new ds nintendo should of did this for the get go

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