IGN- Stomping Across the Snows of Skyrim

In an age where role-playing titles are increasingly about perpetual social connectivity, obsessive online competition or are frustratingly linear, there's something comforting about playing an open-world, single-player role-playing game.

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pangitkqb2484d ago

My most anticipated game of 2011. Can't wait.

BeOneWithTheGun2483d ago

I cannot wait to be a thieving bastard!


Simco8762484d ago

Game sounds like another great adventure.

BlackSharinganX2484d ago

if only it had some multiplayer at least 4 would be good, im getting dark souls for difficulty and variety and multiplayer with hard bosses. and skyrim for its huge world and lots of content. ive said this if skyrim games would have multiplaer would be ever so great, same as dark souls if that game would be open world it would give skyrim developers a hard time indeed.

limewax2484d ago

There has to be some games left that stay SP. I agree with the author, there is something very comforting about a large SP RPG. I personally think that comfort actually comes from having a large extent of varied content available to you and knowing it is all withing the game universe you are in, with no special requirements (multiplayer specific pieces)

BlackSharinganX2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

totally agree, but just wondering how it would be with multiplayer in that same universe with a friend or 2 cause in demon soul is an rpg not much of an open world like skyrim, but it was fun as hell so imagine that on a game like skyrim.

limewax2484d ago

Oh I do agree a MP component could most definitely be a lot of fun, But I think the complexity of the self-built story arches for guilds etc is the technical issue.

I imagine as fun as co-op could be, it would likely come at a sacrifice to the player joining, Ala Fable series. I would like to see it appear in the series, But only when Bethesda feel it would be natural to the game

BlackSharinganX2484d ago

so im getting disagrees for getting both games still, and saying what would be cool on skyrim to add, same as darksouls what would be cool to add. NICE

Stealth2k2484d ago

cant spell ignorant without ign

Dovahkiin2483d ago

Lock picking system sounds more like fallout this time round, which IMHO is a very good thing.