Nostalgic Quips: Resident Evil 4 at CheatCC

CheatCC: "Resident Evil 4 tried in so many ways to advance the series, and in several it succeeded. However, the "great parts" of the game are what have ultimately transformed Resident Evil from a great horror survival game to a mediocre shooter. It took something away from a beloved franchise that thrived on cheap horror thrills, bad voice acting, survival, and zombies. So for all of the excitement I had for the game before release and excitement for recent titles and even titles forthcoming, I will never forgive Resident Evil 4 for destroying both a great horror game franchise and my love for eggplants."

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J86blum2543d ago

Stop complaining. Resident Evil 4 is an awesome game that changed the gaming world hands down. take a note from Jay-Z "You want my old sh*t, by my old albums." same goes with gaming.

Colmshan19902543d ago

Resident Evil 4 is my all-time favourite game.
Can't wait for the remake in September. :)