Have Some Stranger’s Wrath HD PS3 Screenshots

Just Add Water have just sent over three screenshots of the PlayStation 3 version of Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath.

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NukaCola2453d ago

It's looking really good.

DigitalRaptor2453d ago

These don't look very "HD" to me.

J86blum2453d ago

I am happy with how it looks, this was the last game I played on my xbox, nice to see it get some love, and maybe an HD sequal.. down the road of course. or a PS3 Gen sequal.

Urrakia342453d ago

Screw a Stranger's Wrath sequel, I want a proper new Oddworld! And to the devs; For the love of god please don't make it 3D, keep it a 2D side-scroller.

klapkip2453d ago

Last year JAW said this HD-remake should arrive easter 2011. Its now august and still no Stranger's Wrath

Quagmire2453d ago

When is the Oddboxx coming out for PS3?