Triple-A Rambo Game Coming In 2012, But Based On What Movie?

GameBlurb, "Rambo is back (in 2012) and you better be ready (in about a year). News has come that Reef Entertainment will be releasing a “AAA” title game staring our favorite green berate whom we accidentally turned into a killing machine thanks to a little war back in the 60’s."

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J86blum2456d ago

Can't it be a sequal to RAMBO once he is back in the US.
like Ghostbusters did with their game.

50Terabytespersec2456d ago

bring it On JOHN J, LONE WOLF!!!!! baby!!!

wallis2455d ago

I'd rather if they took the budget and developer and made an original game in the vein of Rambo. As in an intense survival action game but if it's sticking to canon then we're more likely to get some generic fps carved neatly into the Rambo universe.

But if they've got an original idea and they think they can make it work in the rambo lore
then good luck to 'em.

Quagmire2455d ago

As long as we get a bonus Rocky or Judge Dredd skin for lulz, i dont care

DrFUD2455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

It's going to be based on the one where he shoots a lot of bad guys.

And true to form he has unlimited ammo