Dishonored screenshots

Bethesda released new screenshots of Dishonored.

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trainsinrdr2455d ago

Is this swords I see?
Im actually quite interested in this game but at the same time I will not judge it but lets just hope its not another piece of sh*t like brink.

kamakaz3md2455d ago

of course this is gonna be the talk of the town... it looks cool and its made by bethesda... u cant say much else

Rashonality2455d ago

it will Developed by Arkane Studios and Published by Bethesda, and the fact that Bethesda is publishing doesn't mean squat, i mean look at WET and BRINK and of course who could forget Rogue Warrior.

kamakaz3md2454d ago

anything bethesda publishes is still good

cyborg472455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

Polish...thats the thing that lacks in most of the games these days, hope they take time and polish it well.

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