Some Insanely Twisted DLC Is In The Works

"Joel Olson, CEO of Fuelcell Games, has revealed that a DLC pack for the most recent addition to Summer of Arcade is currently being developed."

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MorbidPorpoise2539d ago

You sooo need a new game... been 17 years :S

Ardorme2539d ago

When developing a game you set a certain limit on what the game is comprised of and work towards that fulfilling that goal.

Once you have reached that goal, you then begin planning out post-release content or an entirely new game.

People often get confused and mistake these instances as developers purposely holding content back or removing content before release to be sold later.

This is true in some instances obviously but when developers talk about cut content that makes it into the game post-release, it's more often ideas or levels that didn't really work when they needed it to so it gets cut until it can get the attention it needs.

This happened all the time in past generations only those cut features or levels were sold to you as a full-priced sequel rather than as add-on DLC.

likemonstersdo2539d ago

I'll get the dlc before I get the game

GreasyBacon322539d ago

Is this a video game or a 60s movie?

JellyJelly2538d ago

They talk about adding co-op but I'd rather see more multiplayer modes. Lantern Run is great fun, but the associated achievements are hard as hell to get.