Who gives a sh** what FemShep looks like?

GNX - After BioWare's beauty pageant to crown the new Miss Female Shepard resulted in a number of "why for you pick blonde girl, a durrrr" comments across the interwebs, I can't help but wonder why anyone really cares.

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MaxXAttaxX2422d ago

Aren't you going to customize your character anyway? Isn't that the point?

They got rid of the FemShep from the first 2 games for some strange reason. We all knew the blonde one was going to win whether people voted for her or not, lol

seinfan2422d ago

Don't you all mean ME3?

teething2413d ago

I have to agree with the author. People were polled, the people voted. Democracy won.

Stop blaming Bioware and look in the mirror. Mass Effect is a Western RPG. It is catered to the tastes of a people that are a majority Caucasian, English speaking (the contest was conducted in English) and male. Sure ME has been translated to other languages, but the majority are english, caucasian, and they prefer blondes. Is that racist? NO. Is that wrong? No. Would another option have been better? No.

The poll was what it was and the most popular option was picked based on the preferences of the population polled.

Deal with it, this is not racism, it is selection bias.

Doc-Holliday2422d ago

Mass Effect is all about customizing your character. Who the f*ck cares about what biowares version of fem shep looks like?

Twizlex2422d ago

That's my point exactly.

Cmpunk2422d ago

i dont give a shit about mass effect anyways, more overated then cena

Pikajew2422d ago

The people who are mad about it

nyobzoo2422d ago

who cares, you can customize her anyways

Hicken2422d ago

If YOU don't care, that's great. But, apparently, lots of people DO.

GameZenith2422d ago

I could careless

What does bother me is that out of 6 women to vote from, 5 of them are white/cacausian (one of them having a tan) with only one "ethnic" female.

Some things never change....

DarkFantasy2422d ago

whats wrong with white women now ? .you can always customize the charactor to look as you want.white devil white devil much ? lol it bugs me how some people have that aditude i don't look at a room full of "ethnic" women and go "Ughh man there not white ;/".come on man it's almost 2012 there's no need for that stealth racism grow are right some things never change people always find some thing to complain about -_- were are all people,1 race 1 species like it or not.

GameZenith2422d ago

You can deny it all you want all those 5+ people can disagree with me all they want but this society, especially American society, white women has always been the favored and "goto" race in terms of beauty. Don't believe me, well goto LA or NYC Fashion week. Don't believe me, well tell me how many times have you turned on CNN to see yet another attractive "White girl" gone missing. Now compare that to how many times you seen an black, asian, or hispanic girl that is missing.

Again, be in denial all you want but beauty in terms of feminine beauty in this country (US) has always been skewed towards white women. Go through a Vogue or even Maxim magazine and I would like for you to give me the ratio of white women in comparison to black, asian, or hispanic women.

The one thing I got from the Female Shepard beauty pageant is the reinforcement that "white" is and has always been the "ideal" visual for attractiveness.

So to answer your question, NOTHING is wrong with white women. But the one thing that is wrong is how white women almost always is exclusively portrayed as the ideal embodiment of beauty in media whether it be film, TV, fashion, and now videogames.

Johandevries2422d ago

If I had 6 women to choose from, I'd do them all at the same time, regardless of race

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