It's Out of My Hands: The Bottle-Necking of Controller Design

GP Blogger, Standard Minion writes, "There’s a lot of debate over motion-controls, nowadays. Talk that it’s tailored for the casual gaming market. Talk that it’s the vanguard in a wave which will remove the need for a physical controller entirely. Talk that it’s garbage and only ever appreciated by silly dumbhead people on television who enjoy dancing in their living rooms.

While there are plenty of ideas concerning what the advent of motion-controlled gaming will result in, I’m concerned with what it may do, in the ways of controllers, if they all eventually tank."

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Saryk2423d ago

There is nothing better than a mouse and keyboard for general controls. A ps3/360 controller is the best for sports. Flight stick for flight sims. Of course there will be controls great for specific applications. But nothing beats a mouse and keyboard because of its versatility.

These motion controllers will be a fade then leave.

limewax2423d ago

Yes and no, The keyboard is a massive help, but its also a set back in a way when you consider the movement option is only 8 directional.

If I could use a second mouse to replace WASD, I would then agree 100%

Ducky2423d ago (Edited 2423d ago )

Mouse and Keyboard lack pressure sensitivity... which is probably where controllers get the edge.

Most PC setups have the mouse control camera with the WASD movements being relative to the camera.
So it sort of gives more movement options... or well, an equal amount of freedom in most cases.
All falls apart when the camera gets fixed though.

NuclearDuke2423d ago

Keyboard actually house pressure sensitivity? I've encountered this playing Need for Speed and could definately control the pace of my veichle by pressing lightly or hard on the drive key.

Ducky2423d ago

^ Damned if I know.
I'm poor and relegate myself to the cheap stuff. =(

k3x2423d ago

Keyboards don't have pressure control. None of them do. In some keyboards, you could press a key to the point where it "flickers" on and off, but generally the key is either pressed or it is not.

You can press the keys quickly enough to make the car go slower, brake lightly, take shallow turns. I used to play a lot of racing games on my kb before I bought a pad; I can play equally well using both controllers. Pad vs kb/mouse in any kind of game where you have to point and shoot or control the camera in some way? Forget it, that's not even a contest.

vickers5002423d ago

Mouse and keyboard is way too uncomfortable. I don't like having 2 separate devices that I have my hands/arms spread apart to use, I like the one device for controls system better.

Having my arms going out in two different directions completely and totally kills the immersion in any pc game I play, since I'm focusing more on the controls rather than the game.

kma2k2423d ago

Minority Report controlls isnt an option?