Interview with Forza 4 Director Dan Greenawalt

Recently, Alex Roy got to sit down with the Director of Forza Motorsport 4 to discuss some excellent additions to the feature set: tire modeling, Top Gear challenges, and dynamic AI are all things we can look forward to in Turn 10's upcoming driving... simulator.

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gedapeleda2479d ago

They're copying gt5 with all those gran turismo chalenges,
I dont like it

MintBerryCrunch2479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

i didnt like his condescending tone of "GT lovers go elsewhere", just because you love GT5 doesn't mean that you can't love Forza, if you are a petrol head, what matters most is the cars and the overall experience

both games offer that and they are different in their own way from one another to the point that you can own both and enjoy them at the same time without thinking that they are the same or boring

lh_swe2479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

Yeah, any real car lover can like/love I infact do. I find it absolutely ridiculous that you have to belong to one camp or another. He did sound like a little bit of a douche, the kind of guy that always push certain topics in people's faces...I may be wrong tho(its just my initial impression)

Rattlehead202479d ago

The way the PS3 fanboys are on here makes me agree with that point. The fanboys on here always state how much they hate Forza and how GT is superior in every way.

DJMarty2479d ago

Still gonna be laughable playing with Kinect

BRRM BRRM BRRM...................LOL

FordGTGuy2479d ago

I guess you have to troll as much as possible when you can only post one comment....

qwertyz2479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

the only good studios MS has is turn 10 and 343i(they have talented employees that have worked on MGS, killzone, metroid prime, some ex bungie staff etc). I know gears is exclusive to 360 but epic isn't a first studio so they still don't count.

lionhead is DEAD!!!! and so is rare so MS only has 2 functional first party studios. which fails. they need more and their platform would be more acceptable.

forza 4 looks awesome by the way turn 10 is doing an amazing job. good studio

Pyscho_Mantis2479d ago

Fuck this guy hes a GT5 hater and I see what Turn 10 did there. You see the sole purpose they had Top Gear is because GT5 and PD had it and if they alos introduced it it would look like blatant copying which it is btw. So instead they always mention that its only the Test track they have licensed but some interactive license I think thats what he says. This why I hate certain devs cuz they lie and bullshit with their PR so much that it completely puts me off the game... remember in Forza 3 they said the cars will have ten times as many polygons but when a few weeks before the game released they said oh wait this is only in photomode the gameplay models have only 50,000 extra polygons not 900 000 LMAO. I respect the software engineers and artists but these PR guys are fukin faggots.

Rattlehead202479d ago

Wow...Just wow.

Did it ever occur to you that the BBC WANTED Top Gear to be in Forza 4?
Turn 10 are an American Studio and Top Gear is pretty well known in the States.

Just quit with the fanboy shit...I seriously doubt he's a GT hater, they probs won't be here if it wasn't for GT. It's just competition.

kaveti66162479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

What is blatant copyright? Turn 10 is working with Top Gear and has legally obtained the permission to work with Top Gear assets. PD and GT5 don't have a monopoly on it.

Secondly, the cars in Forza 3 had way more than 50,000 polygons compared to Forza 2. I know you only have one bubble but if you're trying to get another one then being honest is key.

Thirdly, if anyone here knows anything about hardware, they would know that the 360 cannot push 1 million polys per car every second. If the 360 can only push 500 million polygons a second, and Forza 3 runs at 60 frames per second, do the math. They simply could never push that many polygons.

RevXM2478d ago

Sounds nice so Ill try get my hands on this.
But screw kinect it can go to hell, Im gonna play this game for real. not waggle like a douche and let the game play it self... got to wonder if Turn10 wanted to implement it themselfes, by using kinect you would never have fun as they intended it to be. Would be like playing a puzzle game without using your head.

So good thing it is optional.

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