ThriftyNerd's Infamous 2 Review: A Shocking Surprise

In the early summer of 2009 two similar games hit the market. This certainly isn’t unheard of seeing has how multiple military-based first person shooters always seem to arrive in the Fall season. Two games with such similarities that don’t happen to be Call of Duty or Battlefield or Generic Shooter Bravo Foxtrot fell into our laps in the early summer of ‘09. Prototype and Infamous were both open world games featuring a shaved head super powered protagonist. In Prototype you played the anti-hero Alex Mercer and smashed your way through every innocent bystander to achieve your goal of smashing more things. Infamous gave us a more likable hero in Cole McGrath, an electrically infused courier with a story that’s actually worth a damn.

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sorceror1712513d ago

Damn this game has been fun.

saoco2513d ago

i had a great time getting platinum.

kamakaz3md2513d ago

i sold my copy, but if i woulda played the bad side on hard i woulda got platinum, im sure ill buy it again 1 day to get it... very easy and its very fun getting it

kamakaz3md2513d ago

i cant stand reviewers that use a 5 star rating system... it just doesnt detail the review... i think a 5 is deff right, but that would mean this game is flawless and doesnt have 1 problem with it at all... of course all games have 1 problem or 2. So if we were using a 10 scale... id give it a 9.8/10... the game is very very good.
The good:
+ Awesome gameplay and graphics
+ So many hours of gameplay - Play good or bad
+ Creating ur own levels and playing others users levels
The bad:
- Too many powers, and some you dont even need to use but want too
- Creating missions is very time consuming and can be difficult to learn

thriftynerd2513d ago

That assumes that 5 stars is defined as perfect, which it doesn't have to be. There is no such thing as perfect.

On our site, the number of stars indicates how likely you would be to recommend the game to someone. So 1 star means that everyone should avoid the game and 5 stars means that everyone should play the game.

kamakaz3md2513d ago

even if i seen a game was 1/5 thats the reviewers opinion. Im a gamer and will play all games. but jus sayin its better to have a 10 scale rating system. I summed the game up with just a few words, i seen other comments n people didnt like ur review lol