PC Gaming News Round Up – 05-08-2011

Hello Gamer Euphoria readers, it’s Ben here, with my first weekly news round up. In these updates I am going to try to give you the most important PC gaming news of the week.

Unfortunately this week has been somewhat dry up until today, which is when most of the following news happened.

-Minecraft News
-Battlefield 3 News
-Tropico 3 News

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doctorstrange2514d ago

Quite a dry time in general because of the summer lull

Ducky2514d ago (Edited 2514d ago )

No mention of RedOrchestra2 and NuclearDawn?
They're open for pre-orders now and beta info was released as well.

That, and well, Bastion's announcement and Limbo's (late) release... along with Doom3's source code announcement.

fossilfern2514d ago

I honestly cant wait for Red Orchestra 2! I have holidays to take before the end of september and I have took the 30th to the 2nd september off and its gonna be great :D