Dark Brotherhood confirmed In Skyrim

Gaming Irresponsibly reports on the Dark Brotherhood being included in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

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WhiteLightning2395d ago (Edited 2395d ago )

Thank God :)

Hopefully we'll have a mission like the one in Oblivion where you had to kill all the people in the house...obviously this time it will be longer and there will be more people.

It was funny I could never bring myself the first time I did it to kill the old lady......oh I finally killed the b*tch I wanted my bonus reward :)

Motorola2395d ago

i LOVED THAT MISSION. I saved before hand and tried it so many ways. It was fun.

RedDead2395d ago (Edited 2395d ago )

Morag thong aswell hopefully it would be really great if they put in some stuff from New Vegas, like having to pick between guilds/factions, Dark brotherhood versus Morag thong is a long time coming, hope a quest like this makes it in.

What I really want is too choose between DB and MT, since they still hate each other, one quest destroying another etc, it makes stuff interesting and

tablav2395d ago

The Morag Tong is only officially sanctioned in Morrowind, so they don't tend to operate in other areas. Maybe the fact that this is set 200 years later though might change that. I did encounter a couple of Morag Tong scouts in Cyrodil, so something along those lines could work too.

I think the idea of performing public executions in the name of the Morag Tong could be very cool too.

hamoor2395d ago

By sithis! This is great news!

blitz0x2395d ago

This was my favorite questline series. I was sad when it actually ended. Looking forward to seeing where they go with it.

Awesome news!

agentxk2395d ago

"Sanguine, my brother" I hated accidentally becoming a vampire.

trainsinrdr2395d ago

So did I.
I nearly started a new game because everyone was scared of me but luckily I found a way to get it cured but it was difficult because of the sunlight and stuff.

blitz0x2395d ago

It was fun for a while, but like being a werewolf in morrowind, it seemed like cons outweighed pros. Resting and dying because of sunlight got old pretty quick lol

tablav2395d ago

I went to the Witch to get cured, but it was daylight, she kept attacking me for being in her house, and the illness was pretty advanced.

I died a good few times just trying to run to the nearest dungeon for cover.

LadyGaga2395d ago

I hated the glitch where if you did cure the vampirism, your characters face would reset permenantly.

DrJones2394d ago

I never understood how that cold happen.

Jacks_Medulla2395d ago

The wait is is becoming unbearable.

CaptainMarvelQ82395d ago

is the thieves guild there too? Taking the Gray fox's mask in the end and going on a killing spree was fun!

tablav2395d ago

I loved using the detect life ability of the cowl to stalk guards in the imperial city. Come on Skyrim!!!

WhiteLightning2395d ago

Hopefully they might make it into a quest where we can steal in from someone who has the Gray Fox's mask now.

As long as we don't find random crap in chests then I'm fine. I'd rather earn what I collect like in Fallout 3 with the unique weapons.

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The story is too old to be commented.