Notch v Bethesda: Looking at Both Sides

Callum from Gaming Irresponsibly takes a look at both sides of the story with regards to Bethesdas claims of trademark infringement.

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agentxk2685d ago

If these 2 powerhouses fight, no one wins :(

Solidus187-SCMilk2685d ago

lol bethesda is dumb, they dont own the word "scrolls"

Kran2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

I'm gonna make a game called Craft and the Mine. Ill make it a FPS ;)

And because Notch is decent, he wont sue me over the name ;)

thesummerofgeorge2685d ago

I'm a huge Bethesda fan, but I think this makes them look bad. Going after an indie developer because they think they own the word 'Scrolls'. Clearly no one would ever confuse the two games, they are completely and unmistakably different. Kind of a dick move if you ask me (I'm aware you did not ask me).

Going after the little guy just cause they can.... Fack off with that. Having said that, I cannot wait for Skyrim.

bozebo2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

What about a game called The, Elder or The Elder?

I'll make one (it'll suck) and when Bethesda sue me I will laugh in their face.

If they make any case out of this at all I am sure they will be thoroughly DDoSsed.

Cal6642685d ago

No one will really know whats going on until both sides have made full statements and sat down to talk it through. As Notch has said it could just be lawyers being lawyers.

Alos882685d ago

Bethesda may think they've built up a solid case, but I'm sure Notch will take it apart piece by piece.

NuclearDuke2685d ago

Logic will take tear this apart. Bethesda is foolish to do this.

palaeomerus2685d ago

Senile Papyrus: Air Edge!