Episode 73 - Shaz1874, Miss Jenna and Venomous Fatman

In this episode Uriyya sit down and talks to his Scotland mate and Youtuber Shaz. In this midst of the conversion we get a visit from Miss Jenna and later on Venomous Fatman stops by as well. Tune in as we go over the news and find out what is going on in Scotland. Checkout Shaz's Youtube page and show him some love(

Miss Jenna on Youtube -
Venomous Fatman on Youtube -

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doctorstrange2388d ago

Venomous Fartman? Sounds like a real catch

T3mpr1x2388d ago

Scotland eh? No wait, what do the Scottish say?

AstroZombie12388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

oh dear.


"his scotland mate"

Are you fucking serious where the hell did you learn English?