What do gamers make of the all-but-official FemShep?

SG - FemShep fans rejoiced when this design for the alternative choice to the male Commander Shepard took a huge lead in Bioware’s official Facebook Poll. The unbelievably smokin’ hot blonde, blue-eyed FemShep won out against her second place rival, Slightly Asian-Looking Dark Haired Red-Stripe Lady, forever reminding the world that gamers will always hoose the closest thing to a Swedish porn star if they’re allowed to get their hands on female character customization tools. That, or Samus Aran.

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Godmars2902453d ago

What is actually the point of this argument when there was already an official/default femShep just as there was a male one? If there should be any argument it should be that the change was made in the first place. And why.

JsonHenry2453d ago

Yeah, not sure why they needed to change it period either.

teething2450d ago

They have a lot of game telemetry, and i am sure default femshep was unpopular.. So bring on anorexic teen agnst fem shep.

My fem sheps are blond (like my wife) and a redhead... Neither looks like a emo-teen. Shep is more mature in my mind.

P.s. This poll for femshep is why we have other people making decisions for the masses... Is anyone surprised that blond shep won?

CameronL992453d ago

lol unbelievably hot? well ok, with gamers' low standards and lack of actual exposer to real women, I get it.
First off, its a digital picture, looking hand drawn, so will still look different on people's TV's.
Second off, you can make your character look however you want them to look in the game, so any of the 3 options shown before could be done, so this is a pointless pole.

Army_of_Darkness2453d ago

I guess this is what happens when you upset Virgin Geeks.

HydroCopper2453d ago

CameronL99 + Army_of_Darkness

BUBBLES for being smart, having played previous mass effect games and knowing what they are about, and not being a whiny virgin nerd that feels the need to complain about every little thing in life because he can't get laid.

Pebz2453d ago

Would only be fair to change male Shepard to look like Legolas or something then... but then people would be outraged and the obvious hypocrisy would be... obvious.

trainsinrdr2453d ago

I cant see her t*ts so im not satisfied.

Blacktric2453d ago

I couldn't see the point of your childish comment so I bubbled you down using "immature" option.

On topic: It's a SarcasticGamer article people. I mean look at the names in the article...


f4nb0i2453d ago

Generic caucasian thats not really keeping with the universe. I see the obvious appeal though.

starchild2453d ago

How is that situation any different than the male Shepard?

I think she looks perfectly fine. Yes, she is a blonde Caucasian woman, but what's wrong with that?

I think some people are being a little discriminatory.

I don't see why it matters anyway. If the stock Shepards don't appeal to you then you can always create your own.

TenSteps2453d ago

One can actually easily determine why people are treating this differently then ManShep.

Me myself I don't give a crap about all this "what does she officially look like" gimmick but to those that do and disregard ManShep you have to stop and think from their position.

To them EA had the opportunity to break away from being another generic caucasian poster boy/girl. To them it was the chance to get an ethnic poster girl/boy to represent.

It's not so much as the customization but more of the portrayed image one where some feels that in some future ethnic diversity should be given emphasis and how the "official" look should represent that.

GameZenith2453d ago

Yeah okay, we basically got 5 white women with one of them having a tan and one distinct "ethnic" female.

Yeah....Bioware was really trying to push the envelope there.

It is funny, Bioware is known for being the progressive developer in the industry and very innovative and forward thinking by doing things done in games that has never been done before. Yet when it comes to the very basic stuff that has plagued us from advancing as a society such as racial diversity, they fail to have a "progressive" sense of tough there.

Moral of the story, in the end, some things would never change.

TheBossMan2453d ago

I don't get the "diversity" argument. Especially the word "ethnic." Whites ARE ethnic just like everyone else. Last I checked German, Austrian, English, Polish, Spanish, Greek, Albanian, Romanian, Italian, Czech, Russian, French, etc. are ethnicities. Since when did "ethnic" come to be interpreted as nonwhite?

Furthermore, I can guarantee that an overwhelming % of the game's designers, programmers, artists, and other staff involved with the project are Caucasian themselves, so why would they be expected to NOT want a character that they personally identify more with?

All I'm saying is, you don't see people bitching at Nigeria to include more white actors in their films.

TenSteps2453d ago


Bioware wasn't really trying to push the envelope. Like I said the problem is with the people that thought it was an opportunity for diversity that wasn't taken.


People on the internet will bitch that's what anonymity does sadly. And admittedly I ethnic was just the first word that came into my mind and just typed it right away so yeah my mistake but typing ethnic is so much faster than non-white and I'm one lazy punk.

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da_2pacalypse2453d ago

I guess it's a good thing that they're doing this to support feminism in gaming, but I mean isn't it kind of too late to be doing this? like if you're going to do this, then go ahead and make a mirrors edge or what ever, but this is the third game in the trilogy for crying out loud, how can you just change the face on the game on the 3rd game in?

Godmars2902453d ago

You know, if they are going to make such a big deal about this they may as well go all out and give her a few bikinis.

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