Could PC Gaming Be Critical to Our Nation’s Future? Part 2

A few weeks ago, Matt Ployhar of Intel wrote about the economic impact of video games and why it’s in the country’s best interest to have a bright gaming future. While there are several conversations over the past few years that have corroborated his position, nothing has hit home harder than a discussion he recently had with a major university that prides itself on its technology focus.

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BeastlyRig2509d ago

If Obama plays his copy of The Witcher 2 he will see how important it is for our future generations.


Ranshak2509d ago

While i am a hardcore PC gamer, been so since 1995. I dont game on console, niether do i think i ever will.

I do feel Intel themselves are to blame for many PCs being incapable of playing games. Many prebuilt rigs feature high end Intel CPUs yet come equipped with crappy intel integrated graphics. Giving less tech aware people the idea that even 1000usd pcs cannot play games.

ATi_Elite2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )


All the PC Gamers will be the ones recruited to fly all the remote controlled fighter planes and tanks when we get invaded by the aliens.


The Government will acquisition our powerful PC's to run those remote controlled tanks and planes and robots and stuff! All the strategic gaming PC Gamers do is training for the real thing. It's buried really really deep in the gotta read those things.

thejfs792509d ago

This is only an opinion.