Sonic Generations Screenshots

These are the latest screenshots from the upcoming Sega game, Sonic Generations, coming this fall.

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Cereal2539d ago

They always look cool before they come out. Then after you play it you realize what a piece of crap it really is. Even Sonic 4 was better than the demo (which isn't saying much as Sonic 4 was also pretty mediocre). Sonic is dead but Sega keeps running him into the ground.

Kee2539d ago

This game is definitely in my "wait and see" category as far as this year is concerned. Who knows if it'll actually be any good... The demo was okay, I guess.

Vitalogy2539d ago

Meh! Only sonic games I played were on SEGA Master System II, sonic 1 and 2. After that, lost all interest.

RockmanII72539d ago

You've missed the greatest video game ever then

Sonic R

MWH2539d ago

you're dead boring with this comment.

RockmanII72539d ago

Amazon has it set for a 11/1/11 launch date, that leaves under 3 months and the only stages we have shown off are Green Hill, Chemical Plant, and City Escape. When are they gonna show off Speed Highway and Sky Sanctuary?

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