Top 10 Most Horrific Faces In Video Games [PICS]

"There’s something about faces that instantly gives you insight into a person. Whether it’s a smile, a nod, or straight up eye contact, these mild facial twitches are always the most memorable part of human interaction. The problem is that this also applies to negative emotions. A face is often the first thing we see when we recount horrific experiences and events, and this applies to scary stuff we see in media as well. Here’s our rundown of top 10 horrific faces in gaming."

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Hazmat132509d ago

any movie that changes the face i cant watch. lol idk why.

Solid_Snake-2509d ago

you can tell this list is rubbish due to not having the elephant man from "amnesia:dark decent

NukaCola2508d ago

This guy doesn't do clowns. Even Heavy Rain's freaked me out. I didn't want to even walk over to him, so I just stood there for a minute until I psyched myself into just doing it.

WinterWolf2508d ago


It's ok. Even Nathan Drake is afraid of clowns. :)

Nitrowolf22508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

They are a 10 on Drake's Fear Radar

cannon88002508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

yeah dude i agree with you 100 percent. That monster from amnesia is freaking messed up.

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chriski3332509d ago

The most horrific face in gaming is the face of bobby kotick

Eamon2508d ago

lol that made me chuckle.

FACTUAL evidence2509d ago

Yeah RE1 zombie takes the cake..When I saw the title and I saw that pic I was like damn...brings back horrible memories when I was 7..

raiden-492508d ago

lolz i was 8 at the time scared me silly but still played the game to the point when i was older i wanted to try the game again but my brother broke it so i had to buy it off psn and find it funny now ...well one or two parts where i say WTF?

bayport2508d ago

I'm not sure what freaks me out more. The first zombie scene. Or the picture of the first zombie just staring at you at the beginning of I'm baaaack....!!

awi59512508d ago

The most annoying monster is nemesis from resident evil series

OhMyGandhi2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

this is an awful list.
the only face I agree with is the one from Dead Space 2.

Pyramid Head? really? I don't consider that a face, and don't get me wrong, its damned scary to be sure, but feels out of place in this list.

I say the nurses from Silent Hill,
or those slimy things from Condemned 2,
Nemesis from Resident Evil,
Any creature from Amnesia, Doom 3, or Fatal Frame.
Any of the children from Psychonaughts,
Baraka from Mortal Kombat,
and that one creature from "The Secret World"

There is so much to pick from, and the list loses credibility, even from a mere subjective point of view.

JsonHenry2508d ago

A guy with a gas mask makes the list? Seriously? You couldn't have gone with Elephant Man or Nemesis instead?

scofios2508d ago

No Regenerators from re4 on the list shame.

TVippy2508d ago

I agree, the RE zombie face is really scare, they nailed it. It looks pretty frightening to this day and this game is 15 years old.

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BiggCMan2509d ago

Ridley used to scare the shit out of me back in the old Metroid games when I was a lot younger, good times.

vyke32509d ago

where is sweet tooth from twisted metal?

DeleteThisxx2509d ago

I hate sites that make you click 'next' for more hits despite the fact that they could have easily fit all of that on a single page.

kramun2509d ago

Yeah same here, I refuse to do it so I only saw the first image. Cheap click tactics.

BiggCMan2509d ago

It doesn't affect you in any way, so why complain about something so stupid? It's a cool article if you attempt to read through it and not worry about the sites traffic. Why does that matter at all?

kramun2509d ago

It's not just that, it's annoying. Surely it's not impossible to put more on one page? I know it's only a click, but it's unnecessary and only seems to be used to get more clicks.

JellyJelly2509d ago

@BiggCMan - If you had good enough content you wouldn't have to use cheap tricks to get more traffic.

I'm clicking the little + beside the URL under the description and giving you a not so good rating.

Saladfax2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )


Good enough content is still bolstered by cheap tricks.

TenSteps2508d ago

A cool article? lolwat.

Hozi892508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

While I understand your point. Everyone is trying hard to better themselves the way they know best how to. It doesnt do us any harm to click next so why fuss? Why get angry when you can help someone else out?

If everyone helped each other the world would=love.

P.S.-I do agree that GamingBolt's website layout is in need of an update though.

YogiBear2508d ago

@ Everbody from kramun on down

You are arguing and complaining over how many times you click your mouse button essentially.

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Kyosuke_Sanada2509d ago

Wait a minute Pyramid head has a face? News to me....but if they had to use a Catherine reference, I would have went with the Immoral Beast.

Pozzle2509d ago

I always assumed Pyramid's pyramid WAS his face. o.O

But then, if we're talking about horrifying faces in the Silent Hill series, I'm surprised the author didn't mention the nurses:

Kyosuke_Sanada2509d ago

Chances are the author wasn't staring at the nurses' face if you know what I mean. *wink* wink*

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