PALGN awards Super Mario Galaxy a 10...

... And if you're at all familiar with PALGN, you'll know 10s are rare as chicken teeth on that site - indeed, they've reviewed almost 1,250 titles, and only Galaxy and Resident Evil 4 have come away with perfect scores.

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forum_crawler3938d ago

I like the fact that this game is getting so much love from everyone. I sure hope that it lives up to my expectations (which are now really high!!!)

Great job Nintendo!!!

Maestro3938d ago

Super Mario Galaxy is the game of the year ; The game of the year is Super Mario Galaxy.

solar3938d ago

to put another $20 down on Uncharted...great demo today btw...and of course, i played the SMG demo for another entire lunch period. just give me the damn game already. ive played through the entire beginning 5 times now, and i cant stop. it cant come soon enough for me. my expectations are soo high, higher than any other game for me...ever.

otherZinc3938d ago

this game is some crap, this is all hype, Galaxy will not sell what they think it will because the game isn't good at all. Jumping from small planet to planet is some BS.

1st Mario game I don't like, ever!

Covenant3938d ago

I smell a Game of the Year award...

...which is pretty damn impressive when you consider the competition!

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