Battlefield 3 Years worth of unlocks and rewards

Battlefield 3 will be the deepest shooter in DICE history. Read on for the full story on how we will reward skill and dedication, and how our flexible unlock and customization system allows you to tailor the game for your personal play style.

“Battlefield players are among the most loyal out there. Our games are literally played for years by our hardcore fans, and we want to actively support that. There should always be something left to achieve in Battlefield 3.”

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chriski3332513d ago

very cool now lets see some jet footage baby!!!!!!!!!!!

Crazyglues2513d ago (Edited 2513d ago )

oh yeah that's awesome, can't wait to start enjoying this game..


blumatt2513d ago

I'll be joining you with some Battlefield 3 on PS3. (If I had a good enough PC, I'd buy that version too.) What's your PSN name? I'll add you so we can play.

DtotheRoc2512d ago

you'll be able to find me on PSN beta for sure but by that time I should have my PC back granted it's no longer a TOP sytem like it was in 07 but i think an 8800 card should be suffice for this game. anyone know 8800 benchmarks for the new frostbite 2?

Cmpunk2513d ago

cannot wait :) but once uncharted 3 come's out it will take a back seat

DtotheRoc2512d ago

on ps3 no doubt BUT for most bf3 fans it's a PC game so they will only have bf3 and taht's all they'll need :)

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Hufandpuf2514d ago (Edited 2514d ago )

That's SO AWESOME, It's almost like you evolve to the Battlefield the more you play. Want to be a Long-Range Assault or a Close-Quarters Assault, or maybe a medic Assault? Go Ahead! That's awesome. I'll be playing this game for a good long time.

Also if playing in a jet, If you want to tailor to ground support or anti air weaponry, it's all possible. GOTY as of now for me lol

Heartnet2513d ago

Its not as if the battlefield evolves.. it just means its gonna be slow unlocking lol

belal2513d ago

How many levels will bf3 have? it should be like 200 levels, that way you will have to work very hard to get there. and it won't get boring. When i play kz3 i get bored because of the levels. it's nothing more to do after you have reached the final level.

trainsinrdr2513d ago

200! wow really
I can safely say that nobody will reach that rank this decade.

belal2513d ago

Maybe that was ab it to much haha. But you know what i mean, better to have something to do or else the game will get boring fast.

malol2513d ago


ppl well have it sooner than you think

Doc-Holliday2513d ago

I think more levels would be ok, just with less experience required to level up. that way the player always feels like they are making progress. This combined with all the unlocks BF3 will have should be a rewarding experience.

BC2 required the average player to play between 400-500 hours to get to lvl 50. Its pretty lame when i have an epic round with thousands of points plus an extra 10000 from a platinum star and the slider for my lvl progress barely moves a couple millimeters. Takes way too long in my opinion, and I ran out of unlocks about 150 hours ago. BF3 should be a huge improvement.

MidnytRain2513d ago

They have to think carefully about the number of ranks. Put in too many and the ranks will lose their meaning. Too few and the game will become a grind.

bozebo2513d ago (Edited 2513d ago )

"Put in too many and the ranks will lose their meaning."

lol what? Surely the more there are the more meaning they have.

CommonCent2513d ago

That's economics. No man can say that they get tired of racking up Personal Achievements except maybe the Republicans.

SephirothX212513d ago (Edited 2513d ago )

Anyone who spends over five hours a week playing the game online should be able to reach max rank in one year if they're an average gamer. The game will be fun whether you're on max rank or there are still greater ranks you've to unlock. Ranks should not be based on experience but on victories earned in a particular game type. This would be like levels in Halo. Each game type has a rank and the player's highest rank is that of the game type they have the highest rank in. Or ranks should be solely based on experience and there are levels based on success instead. The main thing is that there is a proper incentive to win team games and people are not just out for their own experience. That is why CoD sucks.

da_2pacalypse2513d ago

I agree, too many can be a bad thing. They need to hit a sweet spot. I thought bungie did a good job with their ranking system in halo3, however halo reach had too many ranks, and they are just based on experience (which is just how much time you put into the game), so the ranks are meaningless in halo reach, while in halo 3, having a general on your team actually means something.

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SJPFTW2513d ago

seriously what happened to just making the game fun to maintain players rather than tying a carrot on a stick so to speak? Counter-strike source and even 1.6 still has tons of people still playing even though they been out for years, while games like Uncharted 2 are nearly dead online wise

FPS should be about skill and teamwork not who has no life and has more free time to put into the game.

DtotheRoc2512d ago

you hit it right on the head so did sephronthx or whatever. personally i loved counterstrike but keep in mind that was a non-respawn game so you can't really compare that to this huge team objective based game don't you agree? anyway i think 100 levels is a great set-up for PC because computer gamers will be more often likely to complete objectives simply due to their numbers...while camping on ps3 will be lame with all the snipers playing tdm instead of the objective...anyway i like a good combination BUT there needs to be an incentive in today's games for winning teams cuz more and more 15 year olds are getting their hands on games an camping for kills and not helping their team that is why cod is HORRIBLy frustrating unless you play SD then campers get flanked all the time due to their feeble intelligence.

KwietStorm2512d ago

I would agree if your whole focal point for playing a game was to rank up and that's it. It is possible to have fun without putting so much emphasis on your rank. However, I think from a design perspective, you have to have at least some level of carrot on a stick, otherwise the alternative is to give us players everything from the start, which would not only be a bombardment, but it wouldn't give you anything to work toward.

Asgaro2513d ago

"When i play kz3 i get bored because of the levels. it's nothing more to do after you have reached the final level."

Than why did you buy the game?
I mean, this is a common trend I see more and more.
Gamers playing only for the unlocks, but after all's done, the gameplay of the game itself doesn't satisfy them anymore.

Would you buy BF3 if it had no unlock system but all weapons available from the start? Some people seem not to...

dangert122513d ago

I'm not a fan of kz3 but the funny thing is your suppose to enjoy the game more after everythings unlocked...cause then you have the full multiplayer exprience at your hands they should of done a halo 3 with the ranking though

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EazyC2513d ago

Something I hated about BC 2 was how easy it was to unlock everything.

That new bit of kit should take hours upon hours of blood, sweat and bullets to achieve. More like BF 2.

It's good to hear though. Unlocks always make me stick with a game for longer, and I often find trying to achieve the reward is better than the reward itself.

MidnytRain2513d ago (Edited 2513d ago )

But then you have to remember that putting in too many weapons/gadgets that only a select few will actually get to use is a bad idea.

Ser2513d ago

"That new bit of kit should take hours upon hours of blood, sweat and bullets to achieve. More like BF 2."

Agreed! If you can't put in the time, you don't get the goods. Ah, I remember choosing kit unlocks in BF2. Each one was so exciting.

Ducky2513d ago (Edited 2513d ago )

Dear God no.

Why is it that I can only gain access to the majority of the game's content after waddling around with horrible starter gear?

I still don't know why BC2 doesn't even give you the basic necessities of each class when you're new. It's just 'which weapon do you like best'.

By all means, unlocks are fine, but don't make me grind through the lower levels without being able to fully contribute to the team. CoD4 had it fine where the essentials are unlocked quickly, with more specialized weapons like the G3 and MP44 being unlocked later on.
BC2's weapon unlocks weren't too bad I guess but the specialization design was horrid.

EazyC2513d ago

If everything was given to you at the start of any MP game, you wouldn't play it for very long I'd imagine.

You need a constant stream of unlocks to keep you going, it's what makes the game! For me, anyway.

Ducky2513d ago (Edited 2513d ago )

... Dangling a carrot in front of someone is necessary when you want someone to do something that they wouldn't otherwise do. (Such as leading a rat down a maze)

If a game is fun and enjoyable, then why would such a thing be necessary? It's kind of depressing that people would buy a game where the developpers purposely lock things away, and then play the game with the major source of enjoyment coming from 'unlocking' those same locked items.

Anyways, as I said, if unlocks are necessary, then leave the specialized ones for higher levels while keeping the necessities on the lower levels. It was painful being a low-level engineer trying to somalian-style helis in BC2.

Chocoboh2513d ago

If you wanna talk about unlocking content than let's talk about locking us out of content completely. example: day one dlc, map packs(game isn't even out yet) ect

As long as the content is on the game and is available to me to use I couldn't care less to tell you the truth. Fuck EA.

Anti-Fanboyer2513d ago

the badges and ribbons look very similar to BF2.

jriquelme_paraguay2513d ago

and the New Medal of Honor...
and the sounds

AstroZombie12513d ago

tbf MOH MP did use the frostbite engine.

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