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Why The Wii U Will (Almost) Certainly Fail

Jake Rhodes looks at the upcoming release of the Wii-U and why he thinks its almost certain to fail. (Next-Gen, Nintendo, Wii, Wii U)

jacksheen0000  +   1486d ago
By judging Nintendo behavior pattern, they always add about one major feature to make their product likable.
And then, fool us all in to buying it to compensate
for less graphical power, less features,no DVD/Blu ray playback etc etc/

N64 + analog controller - for less Graphical power

3DS + LCD 3d capability - for less Graphical power

Wii + motion control - for less Graphical power

Wii U + ipad like controller - hope is not the same thing
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tunaks1  +   1486d ago
"N64 + analog controller - for less Graphical power "

your logic is flawed.
jacksheen0000  +   1486d ago

What I was trying to say is Nintendo know they can't compete against their competitor in graphical department. So, to compensate for that, Nintendo would normally add a feature/gimmick to their console to make it likeable.

@ SilentNegotiator

Now as for the N64..the only reason why Nintendo first gen games look and play the way it did is because they got help from a 3rd party company by the name of ANGEL STUDIOS to teach them how do use 3d application to make 3 dimensional games.


OH and Nintendo went with a cartridge based configuration for N64; so that its matches their skill-set at the time. That being said, had Nintendo added a DVD drive..that would leave Nintendo wide open for criticism from gamers,as to why they couldn't add more graphics to 1 gen games on a hardcore level.To me, I'd say It was just a obvious excuse why they couldn't give more; which worked rather well in the favor. Can you Blame them? No, cause at the beginning of the 3D era; nintendo wanted to take things slow, so that they would get the hang of using 3d applications before taking big steps.
blackbeld  +   1486d ago

Graw up will ya.

Wii U will certainly not fail as the Xbox.
scissor_runner  +   1485d ago
Wow jack they went cart to match their skill set what does that mean? Are you trying to say ps1 1st party part was superior to nintendos? LoL really? Take crash bandicoot and Mario n64 and tell me which one looked better even texture wise? Hell take little big planet and dkcreturn which one looks better? That last one isn't even fair because you would think a hd game would crush a dx7 game art wise but dk chews that game up. Nintendo just made 3 RPGs dude how many did Sony make? Never mind if they are coming over here but uncharted did not happen until now. Back in the day every one was limited by the tech. Even with DVDs Sony could not even touch nintendo back then.

I'm mean it's cool you don't like nintendo but making bogus reasons are lame and makes people not respect your opinion because your logic is flawed or straight up based on lies. Hey but it's cool if you just don't like their games plenty didn't like sonys either.

Jack what makes you assum nintendo can't compete tech wise? You do realize nintendo uses the best OUT side tech companies to help make their tech right?

So you are basically saying no other tech company can beat Sony when this has been done over and over again?

Oh and I think n vidia, amd/ati, IBM, could all do and does make better tech than Sony in regards to powerful chips.

Could Sony throw more money at the problem to get better specs that sort of out perform the comp sure. Could ms throw more money at the problem oh yes. The question is will they and then the next one is if they do will we see better tech than what is currently on pcs? That would be wishful thinking. Hey but any thing can happen?!

Yet I'm pretty sure nintendos next hardware is the best spec for the price in hd console gaming already. I have over 16 gigs in my workstation laptop. The os eats 8 and even crysis 1 wont use more than 1 -2gigs. I can even open up zbrush still. Pcs have had the power to do what the wiiu is doing since 2002 yet no one has done it till now using power from the first real hd gpu in the unified shader class of cards.

Sure maybe you can do better but the visuals won't pay off nearly as much and then you have to pay out way more money to make those higher end games to show that all off. Expect gamers to pay thur the nose for that.

Once the price of gaming gets to high even more will drop out of it.
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SilentNegotiator  +   1486d ago
"N64 + analog controller - for less Graphical power"

I have little bad to say about the 64 or PS1, but Ps1 absolutely did not have better graphics. Not by a long run. If anything, you should have went with what was a far bigger blow - less memory (cartridge). The difference between cartridge and CD was huge. Blu-ray and DVD might cause little roadblocks today, but the DVD of today is like a toll booth compared to cartridges then like a brick wall.
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nopunctuation  +   1486d ago
0:1 agree ratio? That could not even be any further from the truth. Nintendo has never ands I mean NEVER been about graphical power. They rely on using cheap technology to get their product out faster. In a world where we demand high end technology, this is starting to hurt Nintendo and it will show when Wii U comes out.

Anyway, this just shows that the agree system is flawed. People just want to hit disagree on anything, including neutral statements just to be pricks. Ill give you an agree, but by now the sheep on this site have concluded that this is an "unworthy post" and will probably pile them on. At least I have the stones to admit when I disagree. Id like to see people get away with it if the system was NOT anonymous.
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na-no-nai  +   1486d ago
So Naughty Dog a 1st party developer to Sony used the Wii U that is created from Nintendo. Many developers 3rd parties and some 1st parties Nintendo didnt even know about. Wow amazing lol. Yeah right like Nintendo actually let them try the hardware out and actually used it.

Trying out a game that is still in the early phrases (most likely been created a few months prior to the showcasing) does not show how powerful a hardware is. And why would you even listen to a rival 1st party dev
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DNov  +   1485d ago
This was the only generation where Nintendo was last in power. This is also the only generation where Sony wasn't the worst in power. Get your information right. He'll, Nintendo can even make games on the Wii look pretty good with the architecture from the 90s they used.
DNov  +   1485d ago
Naughty Dog didn't say the PSV and PS3 were as powerful as a Wii U. He said that if you created a game where you could play on the screen, you could potentially do the same with the PS Vita and PS3. Even if you have to buy the game twice and have it ultra laggy because of slow Bluetooth connections.
darkpower  +   1486d ago
Only...people on the floor of E3 have said that the system is effin powerful, and they've mentioned the system runs in 1080p (the highest avaliable resolution).

Please, before trolling like you know something you don't, do some fucking research so you can at least PRETEND that you have any idea what you are talking about. Good lord!
nopunctuation  +   1486d ago
Naughty Dog has used the Wii U and confirmed that its about as powerful as Vita or Ps3. So in other words, its last gen like the Wii is now.

There is your research.
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Seferoth75  +   1485d ago
Nothing in the link you posted says anything about "Power" It's kinda pathetic that its clear what they are talking about but in order to troll you make yourself look ignorant..

So you pretty much just proved the guy right by being a moron. Great job you did there kid...

The fail is strong in you.
Optical_Matrix  +   1486d ago
Jacksheen what are you on about? Gamecube was graphically superior to the PS2. Of course Nintendo can compete on that front. But it's not their focus. Out of anyone Nintendo makes the best game games. No need for fancy cinematics, godly graphics or AAA voice acting.

They're so good at creating fun core gameplay mechanics, it doesn't really matter. They do it far better than Sony and Microsoft.
scissor_runner  +   1485d ago
Jack assuming stuff can be bad for you. I know the pr guys told you what happened in the past but seriously. The ps1 was.... Wait when did you start gaming? Where are you getting your info from?

Aside from the cart issue the n64 was very much like the ps3. The only problem is it used carts that limited it and the early dev kit ran off silicon graphics work stations. Those thing where 70,000 for the lowest model lol. The ps1 was actualy the cheap route since the middleware tools where way cheaper plus ps1 gamers where easily satisfied with wrinkling textures and cgi play back.

The ps2 was a lot better yet not better than the gc. Just look at res evil 4 port to the ps2.

I'm sure game wise there where more games you liked on the ps2 but don't let that be your bases for changing the fact when it comes to tech.

Also what a company did in the past does not alway mean they will be able to do it again. The ps brand seems weak with out a new medium to usher in.

What is funny is the wiiu is the result of years of nintendo doing their own thing while trying to accommodate third parties and I think they got the balance right now.

The wii was the last hurrah for fixed shader units and boy did they push that tech. Yet the industry uses unified shaders with the new computing shaders with the newest tech. This makes porting even easier but it gives you access to way more engine options. The main problem is using lots of engines and porting can do crazy things to your assets. Which is sort of the problem on the ps3 really.

Yet we will see open gl and shades of the new shader model 4 on the wiiu. Lots of devs are hush hush about possible games because they don't want a red steel 1 scenario.

Ms and Sony would have to severly over price their console to do better and more ram on a video card isn't going to give you the jump. Why? Wellthe wii u uses large amounts of edram, system ram and video ram with a solid-state drive solution that is faster than harddrives with the ability to use USB external drives.

More system ram isn't going to beat a solid state drive with out raising the price range that consoles need to hit.

Sure some of can afford $1000-2000 consoles but many of you can't. The ones that can have pcs or they will be buying all next gen systems but that's maybe 20 million gamers world wide??? They all don't like the same games either.

I'm not going to even get started on the controller since it has not revealed all of it's surprises yet. Not ar gaming isn't the surpise but pc gamers are going to live it!
lionelglitchy  +   1485d ago
agree nintendo had the best tech in all their consoles untill the wii how can say they won't return to that policy if you buy one top of the range gpu it's expensive if you order 50 million its a lot cheaper
fatstarr  +   1485d ago
Notice the trend? that each of those things changed the world that we live in in some way?

so im guessing the wiiu's controller is gonna revolutionize something.
Venox2008  +   1486d ago
please, shut up with those silly articles..
TruthbeTold  +   1486d ago
I won't report this article as lame, even though I want to, but I'm REALLY sick of these articles. 'Why would a Playstation gamer buy this when blah blah blah Vita/PS4, etc. etc.' Oh I don't know, maybe because they like games, and different ways to play them? Maybe because many people can *gasp* buy Sony's offerings AND a Wii U?

It's as if there's an anti-Nintendo propaganda campaign going on right now, courtesy of Nintendo hating Sharks who smell a little bit of blood in the water and hope they can persuade a person or two to forsake Nintendo. Lame.
LordStig  +   1486d ago
they should get rid of opinion pieces.
Kran  +   1486d ago
But whyyyyyy.

Then I wouldnt be able to post my "Have You Played..." articles people like ;)
Getowned  +   1486d ago
doom and gloom -sigh-
AO1JMM  +   1486d ago
Another idiot journalist with an opinion based on nothing.
laxbeav  +   1486d ago
I don't see the point in writing an article like this so early. Next to nothing is known about the Wii-U and the games. There is a year for Nintendo to work on it. I know what you are thinking, a year isn't enough time to make major changes, but there is more than likely a lot about the system they have not told the public. They haven't confirmed the price or listed any launch titles. Saying that the game pad is large and clunky doesn't work seeing as how many people now play games on iPads and other tablet devices that have comparable demensions. Just wait for real information before you doom the company.
jacksonmichael  +   1486d ago
Well, it won't. But I will admit that playing a Nintendo console has become a bit like drinking Mike's Hard Lemonade. You may get made fun of, but you'll still have a good time.
jspencep  +   1486d ago
Haha, very good analogy...
josephayal  +   1486d ago
The 3ds fail and the WII U? omg rest in piece my old friend
AO1JMM  +   1486d ago
I'll be getting a WiiU on day one.
jacksonmichael  +   1486d ago
Hey, nopunctuation - now this is a comment for which the agree/disagree system fails. The only logical conclusion as to why someone disagrees with this is if they feel that it will sell like the Wii did and it will take him months to actually be able to buy one.

@AO1JMM Sorry for agreeing to you... Just calling out a troll...
GameTavern  +   1486d ago
I didn't read past the initial next PlayStation and Xbox will blow it out of the water.

I get the notion, but how people continue to go back to that logic while we're still in the middle of a generation that saw the Wii soundly outsell both stronger consoles is beyond me.
N4SIR  +   1486d ago
Different environment. Wii launched around the same time as the xbox and ps3. Can't really say whether the WiiU will sell like the Wii or like the 3DS currently is. Basically the WiiU seems like a half step of a console generation rather than a full generation ahead. I reckon Ninty will smash out sweet exclusives and 3RD party devs will just develop for PS3 and 360, then port over to the WiiU
scissor_runner  +   1485d ago
N4sir you do realize what you are saying right? Many hardcore love pc gaming because of hd resolutions and the 60fps with better controls. Now when the ps3 came out the 8800 was the best pc gpu. The hd4000series totally blew that card away. So what you are saying is the wiiu will get a port withabetter framerate and in hd with a whole bunch of controller options.

I don't see how that is a bad thing? Then you get your nintendo game that you skipped along with hd ports of games you where gonna buy on the xbox because we all know the ps3 sucks at ports no matter what system you start on.

Well not sucks but not exactly what it should be.

So basically you will get better ports just like what the pc is getting yet they will run better than the sort of hd consoles. Not sure how that is bad? Will you see games that uses all it's power of course.

It is actually possible that you may see more pc gamers opt for this console instead of getting that next $400 video card. We won't see the next jump until the epic demo is running at 60fps. That is 3 gens later with 3 video cards in one. We will not even talk about heat problems yet.

This all depends on a very expensive step into 11-6nm shrinks yet we are still waiting on those 11gigahz CPUs from intel. Basically just because it's on the road map doesn't mean it's going to happen.
N4SIR  +   1485d ago
lol.. calm down man. The WiiU will still be inferior to PC. PC can do multiple video cards and more ram than a closed system.

I get what you are saying. It looks tempting to buy a WiiU to play games, that until the WiiU releases, have had terrible ports on the Wii.
its true that the ports will most likely be in a higher res and with better textures, but it won't be a graphical leap like say cod on the wii vs cod on Xbox and PS3.

Do i think there will be tailored features for the WiiU port? No, at least not for a few years until the WiiU user base grows large enough. By that time the next two from Sony and MS will be released...

As for controls, i think if you are used to keyboard and mouse, a fat control pad with a touchscreen isn't going to convince you otherwise.

I just don't see the casual audience that Ninty scooped up, forking over another potential $400 - $500 on a new console to play the same workout games that they are loving on the Wii.

Maybe once the next ps and Xbox are released Ninty will shift its focus to the casual audience and show case WiiUFit with a new balance board or something.

Who knows though bud! it hasn't been released yet. Its still fun to speculate though!

btw. I don't think it will fail. I just don't think it will have the same success as the Wii.
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SweatyFlorida  +   1486d ago
Title should be:

"Why This Article Will (most definitely) Certainly Fail!"

I don't even like the WiiU, but articles like these are super annoying to see EVERYDAY!!!
Xof  +   1486d ago
Well, if we include core and casual gamers, the ONLY nintendo platform in the past decade or so that hasn't failed has been the Nintendo DS.

Personally, I have my doubts for the Wii U given how Nintendo has completely failed at so many aspects for the original Wii (forced peripherals, half-assed b/c, and the big one--digital distribution). I kind of think the definining element of future gaming will be DIGITAL DISTRIBUTION, and if Nintendo doesn't completely--completely--revamp their current policies, I don't see them having much of a future.

All that said, at this point we don't really know anything about the Wii U other than the fact that it's a more powerful Wii with a few more gimmicks... information that is pretty goddamn useless. If the 3DS's lackluster reception has taught us anything, it's the library that matters, and little else.
Seferoth75  +   1485d ago
SO PS3 is a failure to you then? COnsidering you are claiming the 80 or so millionWii sold as a failure than PSP and PS3 must also be failures by your own standards..
Xof  +   1485d ago
I have no idea what you're trying to say. Try reading my post, and forming an articulate statement to counter it.

Otherwise, I'll take this is more fanboy wailing against anyone who dares criticize Nintendo, no matter how gently.

Grow up, child.
Seferoth75  +   1484d ago
Well, if we include core and casual gamers, the ONLY nintendo platform in the past decade or so that hasn't failed has been the Nintendo DS.

You say the only Nintendo platform to not fail is the DS. What I am saying to you is if you consider the Wii with its 80 million or so in sales a failure then you must also consider the PSP,PS3 and even the 360 failures.

What i am trying to say is you are an idiot. Now try to get mommy or one of her male friends to explain that to you in a way a child can comprehend.

Trolls like you are all the same. Point out the flaws in your posts and suddenly you attack and never even try to justify why you made your trolling comments that were so obviously wrong..

Now i am sure you will repsond with another personal attack rather than just admit you were wrong when calling the best selling console of a generation a failure.

It doesnt take a fanboy to see you are a fool.
Xof  +   1484d ago
You're right: trolls are all the same. They think sales have merit in an argument about the appeal of a console's library to different demographics.

Hey, captain genius, this is N4G. News for gamers. I'm a gamer. I don't give one whit about sales data. Yeah, the Wii sold well... but it also alienated almost all of the core gamers with it's fixation on casual games and games aimed at a young audience.

I'm not saying that it's a bad thing, just that it only appealed to one demographic, not both. The 360 does the same thing to the other extreme--it caters solely to core gamers while ignoring casual gamers.

For casual gamers, the Wii is awesome. For core gamers, it's a dismal failure.

Unless you're a fanboy or a moron, of course.
earbus  +   1486d ago
I know alot of nintendo fans ready to get on board some hd action most skipped the wii because of low rez.
phantomexe  +   1486d ago
It's not going fail! I'd bet my house on it. I know alot of people that craped there self thinking about what MW3 or 4 would be like with it. The fanboys are the ones calling for it to fail. Nintendo needs the 3rd party support which it seems they have for this.
lionelglitchy  +   1486d ago
It's getting boring reading all this fanboy crap about how the wii u will fail, mainly from ps3 owners as well,it's only as powerful as current gen,or wait for ps4 blah blah blah.fact is MS is concentrating on kinect and making millions from it so they won't upgrade any time soon and Sony have only started to make money on the ps3 in the last few years plus their pushing the move{total wii rip off}.
pcz  +   1485d ago
yeah just like the wii did :/
charmer  +   1485d ago
that clown must have stocks in sony or microsoft.....the wii won last generation and they want to do their best to stop wiiu from winning...im sure they said the same about wii....and to me wiiu is 10 times more capable then wii of winning with hd, third party support , better online and that controller.....
scissor_runner  +   1485d ago
The whole idea that it is only as powerful as the current hd systems is fail.

What is the current frame rate of your best hd game or even your favorite?

Ok you do know the standard is 60fps and hd right? That is hd gaming so technically the current hd consoles are not really even hd consoles. They are what happens when you sale hardware to gamers that have no idea what hd really is. The current hd consoles are really just shader tech in sd resolutions and really it still struggles at that.

What these haters don't realize is many hardcore gamers are playing games at the pc ceiling right now and some are even modding pc games so we are well aware of what can not be done. Just looking at the rumored specs will tell you nintendo is very close to that ceiling. Yet the fans are so hyped that they will claim that the tech will even beat current pc tech. The current or new pc cards are not really that much more powerful than the hd4000 line. Sure they do better with tessalation but you do know that was more of a driver issues right? Plus who is to say nintendo does get that new tech put in the wii u?

Also why wait when you can just buy the wiiu and if Sony brings the good buy that too? Plus we are talking about a new controller setup. Just a heads up there is no way the psvita can do what the wiiu does. You will see when the vita launches. Oh and that haptic touch stuff is sexy.
BlmThug  +   1485d ago
It is true though. When Nextbox and PS4 comes out Wii U will be severely outdated.
AWBrawler  +   1485d ago
based on what? MS is busy taking kids to kinect Disney land, and Sony admitted to a less graphical leap. The difference in Graphics with be as noticeable as the PS2, Xbox, Gamecube days if anything, and even if the WiiU is the weakest, its time for fanboys to start pissing there pants.

why? because in the history of modern gaming (starting with NES, because atari and collicovision it's hard to tell what the hell had more power) When has the weakest console ever not came out on top????
axisofweevils  +   1485d ago
Re: Naughty Dog. A Sony developer is hardly likely to say "OMG! The Wii U makes the PS3 and Vita obsolete. All that work for nothing! I'm off to slash my wrists!"
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jacen100  +   1485d ago
its gonna be wiiU/PC for me , no matter what ms and sony bring out next my pc will always blow consoles outa the water when it comes to power framerate and resolution. also i only play fps games on the pc were they belong with the keyboard and mouse fps games with a control are slow and cumberson and does not work for me, im interested in the wiiU for the controller to see what changes that brings and its also more powerfull than the 360 and ps3 so it should be fine if u ask me
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jacksheen0000  +   1485d ago

I love Nintendo, I always have, and probably always will.

In fact, I brought all of their console from the NES to Wii;
And I might end up buying the Wii U because I love what I saw in the Zelda Demo.I mean, the the amount of lighting effects, reflection, refractions, and transparencies was enough to convince me that Nintendo might be bringing the Ruckas this time. Despite that,in my opinion,I think Nintendo has a lot of maturing to do in the graphical department, since they're a young game developer team compared to their competitors(M$ and Sony)

Now the reason I said Nintendo used a cartridge based configuration for the N64 is to match match their skill-set; because Nintendo were master in making sprite games but they lack the technical knowledge to make 3 dimensional games when the N64 first came out. So would it make sense to add a DVD?No, because it would means they would have to dish out more graphics on screen considering the amount of storage space the DVD is capable of.

That being said, Nintendo wanted to take it slow in learning how to use 3D application, so that they wouldn't end up overwhelming their game development team. And, of course, Nintendo had professional help in doing so.....


Another reason, Nintendo went with a cartridge based configuration for the N64 is Nintendo despite loading time. Nuff said!!!
scissor_runner  +   1485d ago
Dude nintendo is not lacking and if they are they can hire any one off brushes forum to get them up to speed. Mario galaxy is a flat shaded master peice.

DVD do not mean more polygon models. Dude a ps2 model was barely 400 triangles that was like 4kilobytes. If you notice ps1 games did not have more triangles in game or bigger levels. Console where so under powered that the ps1 games are mostly 200 megs then they filled the rest with cgi. Now if nintendo wanted to use lots of cgi then they would need that but I remember holding my whole polygon collection a zip disks back in the day. The biggest things I had where quake maps and textures for unreal lol in psd format.

Also we know sprite based games took up way more room sprites where 512 with tons of animation. This is why sf2 needed bigger carts and a basic quake level was maybe 2 megs and then 20 if you count the textures while the Saturn needed extra ram just to play the new 2d games.

The whole point of using 3d meant less space and less work which is why you don't see 2d games any more.

If DVD was used to the max back then you would have had 250 hour long games with 7 year development times lol.

Also you fail to see nintendo has perfected almost all of their franchises in 3G game lay wise and you also don't understand how easy it is to make hd graphics now. 2 million polygons use to take months to make now we do it in 30 minutes.

Just look at the first killzone and tell me those guy could make killzone 2 or 3? Naughty dog made what game on the ps2 that said hey we can make uncharted. There are various training programs that professional can attend to pull off assassin creed level of detail. In fact if you look closely normal maps where used in some nintendo games already.

You ever realize nintendos games look way better than every one elses even on the wii? I'm not sure if you know this but you really need to check out nintendos 3 RPGs. They have the talent to do square level art already.

Just because they where sprit based once does not mean they can not know 3d. Hell your basic video editing software is 3d now even photo shop is in 3d now. I bet you didn't even know most of the wiis 2d games don't use sprites any more they are all render on polygons.

Also I bet you didn't know nintendo was known to produces the cleanest polygon models and their favorite tool was Maya which many thing is the best modeling tool and is what pixar uses.

I've been doing 3d since the doom hack for 3d using 2d tricks. If you really want to know more then I'm your man. So much is not on the Internet.

Back in the day you had no choice but to take it slow learning 3d. Every thing was being invented. Lots of 3d packages would not let you even port models. Plus these had to be optimized. Then you have the fact that nintendo believes in quality and doing stuff right.

Yet seriously the tools and the work stations did not mature till the xbox came on the scene. Many developers had out side teams do their CGI not the development teams. And CGI modeling is nothing like game engine modeling.

So basically I just saying your assuming a lot and if you what you though was true then nintendo wouldn't have made the Zelda demo.
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DNov  +   1485d ago
Did Sony know shit about how to make games at all when they made the PS1? I think Nintendo would have been in a better position than Sony.
Ness-Psi  +   1485d ago
we still know next to nothing about the Wii U you cant really determine what will happen with it.

Personally I'm looking forward to it and cant wait to get my hands on that controller.

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