15 reasons to look forward to gamescom 2011

gamescom 2011 is just around the corner and the folks over at GamesAktuell have collected 15 games that will be shown at gamescom in Cologne. Which game is your favorite?

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Phil40002511d ago (Edited 2511d ago )

A few games I would like to add: Relic Entertainment game announcement (Probably Dawn of War 3), Star Wars: The Old Republic, Tribes Ascend, DOTA 2, The Sims 3: Pets, Borderlands 2, FireFall, ARMA 3.

Ja555on2511d ago

Definitely Borderlands 2, I'm so hyped for this

Phil40002511d ago

Forgot NCSoft MMO Announcement, and SMITE.

fatalred alarm2511d ago

allot of great games in there though, I'm surely picking up anno 2070 bf3 and mw3, AND skyrim and this and that.... plenty of games.

trainsinrdr2511d ago

Holy shit theres just far too many great games but skyrim is still superior in every way.

Ja555on2511d ago

I'm not saying this makes it a bad game but what about its Graphics, they are pretty dated

kramun2511d ago

Dated when compared to what open world game?

Ja555on2511d ago

Far Cry 3 and RAGE both have very good graphics, and perhaps borderlands 2 but that is yet to be seen

kramun2511d ago

They're not the same type of game at all.

zero_cool2511d ago

2011 is going out with a bang & 2012 is starting off with a bang plenty of games to meet every gamers interests regardless of platform!