What if the Red Ring of Death Never Struck?

It's downright galling when the hardware simply doesn't work as it's supposed to. Enter Microsoft and the Xbox 360, stage left. Enter the Red Ring of Death. But what would have happened if this whole RROD thing never occurred?

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Godmars2902485d ago

Can't really say since the service available on XBL now weren't available then. And since games back then were less aimed at casual gamers, since the term didn't even exist, it can't be said that they would have had a reason to buy an Xbox. It was still only the same Halo and Gears who bought one regardless.

Maybe the argument could be made that reported sales might have actually been lower because people weren't re-buying them.

Persistantthug2485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

In fact, had the RROD fiasco never took place, they wouldn't have had to slash all those studios they did and they might have had the budget to buy BIOWARE.

But because of the RROD, and because of when it happened (right after ending the previous generation where MS lost a reportedly 6 to 8 Billion dollars), MS brass and their investors were never going to allow MS GAMES the budget for a billion dollar acquisition.

In fact, instead of buying BIOWARE, MS games was left to slash Ensemble.....Slash FASA, Digital ANVIL, ACES....and I can't prove this, but I think that partially allowed BUNGIE the opportunity to skip too.

Anyways, That's what the RROD has cost MS GAMES and XBOX 360.

It's what happens when you rush out hardware before it's ready.

Godmars2902485d ago

And yet they've spent more money in acquiring and advertising limited exclusive content, Kinect for that matter, than has been spent making a game. The closures you mentioned happened well after the RRoD was managed and account for, and that still doesn't account for what I see as MS inability to manage their in house to allow their talent to show. In may ways they're no better than Activision; looking to make games with a production line mentality.

cstyle2485d ago

Ms has the budget to buy anyone out there willing to sell. Including sony and Nintendo. Bungie's contract ran out and they wanted there independence. They just purchased skype for about 8 billion so they indeed have the funds. They don't need a bunch of studios to compete as you can see. Sony is buying up studios and still in last place.

Persistantthug2485d ago

If MS games had the budget, then they never would have had to close those studios in the first place.

Previously the XBOX brand, as I'm told, was met with much hostility because of their financial losses with XBOX 1 and frankly, XBOX in general is something of a side venture. Those investors were doubly angry when they had to be told they had to write off even more BILLIONS because of faulty XBOX 360's. There still paying on that to this day, btw.

Many of its internal detractors have warmed up to XBOX now however, but SKYPE was a purchase mainly put in place to strengthen MS's web and OS offerings.

Don't forget, Windows is where Microsoft's main business is, and it's being threatened on all fronts by the likes of GOOGLE, FACEBOOK, other Web offerings, future cloud services, and potential future obsolescence.

MS has unlimited money (not literally of course), but MS GAMES does not.

Oner2484d ago

If you want to really touch a hot topic about this then you would have to discuss how if the RROD never happened then the total sales of the 360 would be LESS currently.

Simply because there would not have been no excessive repurchases/replacements and swapped warranty amounts from places like BestBuy that offer a no question asked replacement program but are accounted as a "new" sale even when it is a 1:1 replacement.

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Kyosuke_Sanada2485d ago

I think a better question would have been, "What if this generation's games were actually sold complete w/o online passes?"

dead_eye2485d ago

Don't you get an online pass with a new game anyway. That only affects cheap arse people who buy second hand games. I'm more pissed off with dlc been on the disc and having to pay extra for it.

Kyosuke_Sanada2485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

In cheap, I'm guessing you are meaning people with bills, families and other responsibilities.

dead_eye2485d ago

Nah I mean cheap. I got them but I know how to handle my money. And I can always wait till a game drops in price to get it or work overtime for a bit of extra money.

pixelsword2485d ago

If ifs and buts were candy and nuts we'd all have a merry christmas.

dead_eye2485d ago

Or end up in hospital because of diabetes and anaphylaxis shock from a nut allergy.